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Once upon a time, there was a moose, a mouse, a bunny, and a bear. The moose’s name was Jack. Jack was the nice one. The bunny’s name was Rock. Rock was the tough one. The bear’s name was Scott. Scott was the one who played any kind of sport. Then there was Emily, the mouse. Emily was very kind.

They were all best friends since they were little. They would do everything together. But then they had a fight. They were outside in the snow. Scott thought it would be a good idea to have a snowball fight pow pow. But Jack and Emily didn’t want to have a snowball fight. They wanted to go make snow animals that looked like them.

After that, they kept arguing until Scott said, “You play with us or you’re not my friend anymore!” Jack and Emily really wanted to be friends with Scott, but they weren’t going to let Scott push them around. So they went to go play by themselves. As they were walking away you can hear the snow stomp stomp. Rock was really mad at Scott for making them choose.

Rock yelled over his shoulder to Scott, “You didn’t have to do that. You don’t always have to get what you want.” Scott didn’t care so he said, “Whatever!” Scott turned his back on them and walked away stomp stomp. Rock didn’t want to play with someone who was that mean.

Then, Rock had made up his mind and told Scott he didn’t want to play with him anymore. Scott acted like he didn’t care, but he did. Scott yelled back at Rock, “I don’t need you or anybody!” Rock told Scott why he didn’t want to play with him. But Scott wasn’t listening. Rock left and went to go play with Emily and Jack. Scott was all by himself.

Later that Christmas Eve, Scott tried to have a snowball fight by himself, but it didn’t work. Scott threw the snowball, but it landed on the ground before he could run over and get hit by it. Scott walked by himself in the freezing cold, dragging his scarf with him. As he was walking a snowflake fell on his nose. The snowflake looked like a tiny flower with the color of the snow. Scott had realized that he wasn’t being fair and that he was being mean. Scott knew what he had done and what he had to do. Scott thought of a way to apologize to his friends. He waited for it to be Christmas Day.

It was finally Christmas Day. Scott was getting ready. He was in the kitchen cooking a delicious cheesecake. Then he was cutting carrots to boil chop chop. Scott was making a carrot soup. He had just one more thing to make. A blueberry smoothie. Scott never learned how to cook much, but he tried to cook just for his friends.

Scott had gone to Emily’s house and said he was sorry. Then he went to Jack’s house and said he was sorry. After that, he went to Rock’s house and said he was sorry. All of his friends said it was fine but that he had to be nice to them. Then Scott asked, “Will you come over and spend Christmas together?” Emily, Jack, and Rock agreed to go.

When they came into Scott’s house their mouths hung open. There was a table full of their favorite foods. Scott told them he was really sorry about how he was acting and hoped they would be his friends again. They spent the whole day as a family together. So even when Scott was being a jerk his friends still forgave him because Scott is part their family, and family is important no matter what they do. $ID/ornm27•


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