Mokha Laget: Moreover, 2017, Flashe and pigment on shaped canvas, courtesy David Richard Gallery

I was filled with anticipation. I could not find any way to fill the time, to make time go faster. I just wanted it to happen, because when Nolan walks through the door, the best Christmas will take place. My brother Nolan was staying for Christmas!

He is usually in Nebraska, but he was able to come here for the holidays. I was finally able to see him in reality.

It was a couple weeks before Christmas. My dad was on Facebook. He was searching, trying to find someone — him. Then, he found him.

My dad had arranged a little hotel place for them to sleep and to meet. My dad had a funny story about that place. Nolan threw a big nasty fart in the room they were sleeping in, so bad, my dad remembered it.

A while after that, my dad had finally told me and my sister about Nolan. My sister Avery and I had already known about one half sibling, Christopher, but I had not seen him in years. The only remaining memories I had of us were me and Christopher right in front of the TV, swinging our Wii remotes around trying to complete “Lego Star Wars” together. My dad was setting up the air mattress. Christopher was supposed to stay the night —  he did. I remember us all talking in bed, quietly.

The story of Nolan comes even before my older brother Christopher was born. A long time ago, my dad was still young and neglectful, and he was married to this woman. He had two children with this woman, James, the eldest, and Nolan. After some time of trying to take care of these children and support her, he left. He allowed Mr. Roland to marry his divorced wife, and James Roser Jr. (My dad is also James Roser) and Nolan Roser are now known as Nolan and James Roland.

It all leads up to this point where I had just gotten to know Nolan a few weeks, and he was visiting us for Christmas of 2014. I wish I could get to know James. He doesn’t want to see his dad. He was pretty upset when he left Nolan and himself, so I won’t really get to meet him, no matter how much I may want to.

All that is in the past.  Nolan is here, Nolan is here. I can finally meet him for real. I don’t have to do a video chat, and I don’t have to text with him to talk to him. I can actually interact with him. He can see the real me, I can see the real him. He can see the place I live in. I am so very excited!!! We played games and ate.

I woke up. I was so excited. I was going to spend another day with Nolan. I had presents waiting for me under the Christmas tree, and there was no school! We all opened our presents. Nolan got some Dallas Cowboy things. I got an erector set from Nolan.

I had always wanted a Xbox 1, because it has one of my favorite games on it, Halo. I wanted a Xbox 1 even more because I can finally start doing more things with Nolan. He is a gamer.

I walked away from the Christmas tree happily cleaning up wrapping paper. I wanted to start organizing my erector set soon. I put all the motors and stuff in bags, making sure nothing falls out.

“Are you sure you got all of your presents?” my dad said.

Avery and I rushed to the Christmas tree, searching all around it —  we found nothing. My dad pointed. I noticed a little lump at the bottom of the Christmas tree hiding under the sheet we use to cover the four stand things that keep the tree up. It was a big lump, very big, like dad had gotten us a huge cardboard box for Christmas. But it was heavy. I carried it over to the couch. I looked like a turtle with that thing in my hand, it made me go so slow.

What was it going to be? I unwrapped the paper. I saw a label, "XBOX 1." I was so happy, I can play so many games with Nolan. I can communicate with Nolan at a far greater pace and with better efficiency. It was the best Christmas ever. Nolan had secretly brought his XBOX 1 hard drive, and I got to play all kinds of games with him.

Nolan, if anyone shows you this, then thank you for making it the best Christmas ever. I hope you are able to see your family for the holidays and have a wonderful Christmas with your family peers and others.