Greg Joubert: Sky Earth Water (detail), 2014, hand-carved and painted wood, courtesy Owen Contemporary

I want to fly

And see a bird’s-eye view.

To soar above the land

And see the people talking

walking hand-in-hand.

Unique each in their own way.

But always there accepting. Surely every single day.

Someone tell me I cannot do it.

I cannot fly above the clouds.

But someday I’ll be up there

Just to watch the crowds.

I’ll laugh and play with the birds

Until the day is done.

I’ll come back to the Earth

Setting with the sun.

Some say I cannot do it

That people will always fight.

Hey, I’m not disagreeing.

I just want people to see the light.

And find we’re all the same.

To look for the good in one another

instead of seeing the bad.

And know that different

is just a synonym for beautiful.

That would make me glad.

It’s easy to dream

Of a place like this.

I just close my eyes.

But for this dream to become reality

We must shut out the lies.

Lies that say different is bad

And that we can’t fly.

Because all you need to do to fly

Is take a leap

And close your eyes.