2020 Writing Contest, Adult Fiction

Adult Fiction

The adult fiction winners talk about Christmases long since gone and what the holidays will mean this year, how to stay young and beautiful, and about the loss of love.

2020 Writing Contest, Teen Fiction

Teen Fiction

"Jude was scared. Truly scared. He had only known the kind of fear from the frightfulness of wakeful nights due to the monster in his closet, or the panic that accompanied the pain of a bee sting," Gus Yeager begins his story.

2020 Writing Contest, Adult Nonfiction

Adult Nonfiction

Among the winners of in the adult nonfiction category are a story that takes place during the Vietnam War, a passionate letter to Black youth, and an essay about the future of women in science.

2020 Writing Contest, Teen Nonfiction

Teen Nonfiction

The winners in the teen nonfiction category discuss what it means to be a New Mexican with cultural ties across the sea, why a national mask mandate is important during the coronavirus pandemic, and what it's like to have a horse for a best friend.

2020 Writing Contest, Adult Poetry

Adult Poetry

The winners of the adult poetry category echo sentiments of everyday life, the pandemic, and even the new personas that have emerged as a result of self-quarantine.

2020 Writing Contest, Teen Poetry

Teen Poetry

One teen poetry winner reflects on femininity, one the nature of her true self, and one a faithful companion.