Cosas: Poteet Victory, 'The Sentinels' (2022), oil on canvas

Poteet Victory, The Sentinels (2022), oil on canvas

One might view artist Poteet Victory’s The Sentinels as a nocturne. Framed by a black border in which the artist signed his name, two figures stand vertically against a backdrop of creamy blue over deep violet.

Victory’s oil on canvas is on view at Victory Contemporary (124 W. Palace Ave., 505-983-8589, in a two-person show of works by Victory and sculptor T Barny. The exhibition opens with a 5 p.m. reception on Friday, Aug. 12.

Victory’s painting captures the mood and mystery of night, but these figures aren’t threatening. Rendered in a gestural, abstract style, the figures, like twin pillars, are like something half emerging from the twilight. They’re not incomplete, although no limbs or faces are present. The uppermost section of each figure’s form ends in a ragged edge. Like standing stones or the relics of an ancient structure, they are something you come to at a certain point in your journey.

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