Before the pandemic, Santa Fe artist Jared Weiss would throw raucous parties as part of his artistic process. After his guests had ingested plenty of food and libations, he’d pull out his camera to take photos that might later provide inspiration for paintings.

But because of COVID-19 restrictions, Weiss wasn’t able to have visitors at his studio for a year. That forced him to rely on images of people and events from the past, and he quickly realized a key ingredient in his creative process was missing. The 36-year-old, who has taught painting and drawing at Santa Fe Community College since 2017, even considered abandoning his craft.

Life of 'The Party'

Jared Weiss, Reasons for Doubt (2022), oil on canvas; courtesy Ellsworth Gallery

Life of 'The Party'

Jared Weiss, Golden (2022), oil on canvas; courtesy Ellsworth Gallery

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