Rik Allen’s work appears to have been plucked, while in motion, from the seas or skies of a distant planet in a perpendicular dimension.

On the glass sculpture Kuiper Run, metallic tentacles rise to meet with a bulbous top that could be a creature’s head or a seacraft’s control deck, with portals on all sides that resemble both large eyes and fortified windows. The glass-and-silver Zonitoidia Freerider is similarly ambiguous, with a large opening near the front that could be an animal’s mouth or a window to new worlds for awestruck explorers.

From sea to shining solar system: Rik Allen

Rik Allen, Kuiper Run (2019), blown glass, silver, and steel; courtesy Blue Rain Gallery

From sea to shining solar system: Rik Allen

Rik Allen, Alpha Saturni (2015), glass, silver, steel, and stainless steel patina base; courtesy Blue Rain Gallery

Walter 6000-BDD Explorer, blown glass and silver, 2019

Rik Allen, Periopolous Titingo (2021), blown glass, silver, and steel; courtesy Blue Rain Gallery

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