Shar Coulson at Nüart Gallery

FaunaFloraFigure200 (2022), mixed media on linen

The abstract paintings of Shar Coulson contain allusions to natural forms and figures, while remaining non-objective. Built up in applications of paint, her compositions suggest objects in luminous space, bringing the viewer to the edge of recognition. She works from visual memory, exploring themes of perception while presenting a reality that defies categorization.

“Each free-flowing exploration is only complete when the abstract touches the familiar ... that point when something definite has been created, but its mystery is still intact,” Coulson says in a statement.

Coulson joins artist Richard Berman for a two-person show of their color-driven abstractions, Unearthing Layers, which opens with a 5 p.m. reception on Friday, April 8 (through April 24). Berman’s color field paintings exhibit tonal shifts of subtle variations which slowly reveal their complexity within the formal construct of the grid.

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