Sean Wimberly at Bill Hester Fine Art

SEAN WIMBERLY, Cloud Burst (2022), acrylic on canvas

Born in Houston, Texas, painter Sean Wimberly took summertime painting lessons at a local art supply store in his youth. A now-retired Albuquerque Water Authority engineer, Wimberly was inspired by the landscapes of the Southwest after moving to New Mexico, and his childhood passion for art resurfaced.Now painting exclusively in acrylics with palette knives and brushes, Wimberly creates striking landscapes in an impasto technique, with sweeping, gestural brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and strong contrasts of dark and light.

“I like to mix the colors on the canvas while applying paint so that within each stroke there is usually a rainbow of color while at the same time creating texture,” he writes on his website ( “I have been told that this gives my paintings an almost 3D look.”

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