Pard Morrison at Charlotte Jackson Fine Art

Five columns from The Forest (2022), fired pigment on aluminum

Abstract sculptor Pard Morrison is known for wall-mounted works that give the illusion of depth and dimensionality, as well as free-standing sculptures that reflect his interest in geometric abstraction, patterns, and color relationships.

In a single sculpture, Morrison’s arrangements of hard-edged shapes and vibrant use of color cause aspects of it to appear to jump out at the viewer or to recede, providing a sense of playful dynamism. Morrison’s sculptures are made from sheets of welded aluminum, and each colored element is hand brushed and individually fired in an oven.

The Forest, an exhibition of Morrison’s sculptures, features 7 free-standing columns of various sizes and an assortment of wall installations. The Forest opens with a 5 p.m. reception on Friday, June 17 (through July 17).

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