Natalie Christensen and Jim Eyre at Turner Carroll Gallery

Natalie Christensen and Jim Eyre, Confusion (2021), photo collage, archival pigment print on photo paper mounted on dibond with UV laminate

During much of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been separated from loved ones and friends, sometimes because of self-isolation and sometimes because of restrictions on travel. And during that time, there was a marked uptick in our reliance on digital technology. Exploiting the capacity for a figurative bridging of distances using digital technology, U.S. artist Natalie Christensen and U.K. artist Jim Eyre created a composite series of cityscapes that capture a sense of the angst and unease in which we navigate the world from the relatively safe distance of a cellphone display.

“For many of us, that has become the sole place to process the impact of so much change and loss,” say Christensen and Eyre in a statement about their new collaborative project, TOGETHER/APART. “When the digital realm is all we have — rather than a supplement to ‘real life’ — for some, the hollowness is more apparent.”

Combining photographic elements of architecture and landscape from their respective communities into composite images, the artists’ work underscores a sense of psychological fragmentation and dissociation. The exhibition continues through April 9.

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