Jeanna Penn at 516 Arts

Jeanna Penn, Winona Day Nursery (2022), watercolor, acrylic, marker, oil paint marker, inkjet prints on mounted watercolor paper

The first of two exhibitions developed in conjunction with Art Meets History, a national project of the creative production company Kasini House, continues through May 14. The exhibition, Many Worlds Are Born, takes a multifaceted look at the many narrative threads that comprise New Mexico’s history from a multigenerational perspective. The show includes works by Laguna Pueblo artist Margarita Paz-Pedro, Jicarilla Apache artist Leo Vicenti, and Jeanna Penn. The second part of Art Meets History, Technologies of the Spirit, opens on June 11 (through Sept 3), and includes works by Josh T. Franco, Moira Garcia, and Laurie O’Brien.

“A premise of this project is that history is not a single, linear narrative but many threads woven together,” said co-curator Ric Kasini Kadour in a statement. “Ruptures in the fabric of society can be traced to broken historical threads. While we may know our own history, we may not know the histories of others. Erasure, denial, forced amnesia and an unwillingness to confront inconvenient and uncomfortable histories allow systems of oppression to persist.”

Join Kadour, historian Rob Martinez, and artists Paz-Pedro, Joanna Keane Lopez, and Marlena Robbins (Diné) for the talk “How We Do History” at 6 p.m. on April 28. The free talk takes place in person and online. Register in advance at and visit 516 Arts’ events page for related events. Masks are required for all in-person events.

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