Charles Gurd at the Webster Collection

Charles Gurd, Homage Matisse #1 (2021), oil on canvas

The abstract paintings of artist Charles Gurd reflect the seemingly random nature of the physical world, but within a field that takes on a sense of a unifying principle.

Poised somewhere between the chaos of fragmentation and order of homogeneity, his canvases reflect a sense of universal balance, reflecting the fractal allusions present in abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings and the abstract qualities of paint application in the work of the impressionists. His works envelop the viewer, inviting concordance between their inherent sense of a unified field and the viewer’s natural inclination to seek patterns.

The Webster Collection’s exhibition Charles Gurd: Orderly Chaos continues through April 24 in conjunction with an exhibit of Gurd’s works at the Santa Fe Institute (1399 Hyde Park Road, 505-984-8800,

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