August Muth at Pie Projects

August Muth, Radiant Kinship (2022), hologram laminated in archival glass

When local artist August Muth was 16, he was fascinated by the refracted, prismatic light from water-filled glass prisms that reflected off his family’s garage door. Muth, a pioneer in the exploration of light through holography, built his first holographic studio in the Telluride, Colorado, area in 1985. In 1994, he built a studio in Santa Fe with the intent of making larger holograms. Muth’s work is at the intersection of art and science. He uses laser light to create holograms of abstract compositions of light forms.

“Through these artworks, I strive to archive the perceptible light-space-time phenomena,” he says in a statement. “As these three elements intertwine, a multi-dimensional experience of pure light is created composed of fields of polychromatic color sculpted into dimensional forms.”

Deepening the Light, a solo exhibition of Muth’s work, opens with a 4 p.m. reception on Saturday, April 23 (through May 21).

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