Mind the Gap pairs an emerging artist and established artist, whose works explore expression and the communication of nuanced emotional states through diverse perspectives. 

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The mother and son team Sarah Stark and Jack Stark Dudzik present their fourth collaboration, which invites viewers to find respite from the chaos of daily life through the simplicity of their paintings and prose.

A longtime interest in the events surrounding the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 drives the aesthetic of artist Virgil Ortiz. His new book, like his major work in progress, Revolt 1680/2180, is a dialogue between past, present, and future.

Painter and muralist Thomas Christopher Haag's compositions reside at the edge of abstraction and figuration. Nebulous, organic forms convey a sense of presence, like people inhabiting space.

Tai Modern brings together Japanese and American artists for a show of nature-inspired works in an exhibition presented in honor of Santa Fe's mountainous terrain.

Just in time for the holidays, SWAIA brings back its in-person Winter Indian Market featuring fine art and handmade goods by award-winning Native American artists. 

The tarot continues to enchant and divine for the novice and experienced practitioner alike. In a new suite of imagery, artist Alexandra Eldridge offers new associations, geared toward awakening latent creativity.

Architect Paul Stevenson Oles' Rescue is one of 50 images of hands that explore the artistic possibilities of a photographic subject.

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A seminal member of the 1960s-era Light and Space movement receives her first solo presentation in New Mexico at SITE Santa Fe.

After trying his hand at sand painting as a novelty during the Depression years, artist George de Ville remained with the atypical medium, which he used to create realist compositions in the manner oil paintings.

In his singular vision, artist Peter Harrington brings synergy to elements of nature and places of worship, giving us pause to reflect on the sanctity of Earth's ephemeral forms.

Mindful presence and yearning coalesce in the evocative landscapes of artist Aimee Erickson, which simultaneously speak to our sense of being in nature and our separation.

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Illustrator and painter Braldt Bralds gave up art several years ago due to a degenerative eye disease. His drive to create is so strong, however, that he eventually gave it another shot. Now, he has new gallery representation and is winning awards again.

The annual Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival returns to the Convention Center with fashion, fun, and a look at sustainable art practices.

Prolific painter Brian McPartlon's abstract canvases convey a sense of optimism through a fusion of multitudinous color and form.

Name the works in a new Vivo Contemporary's exhibition and participate in the creative processes of its artists.

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The marginalized and disenfranchised victims of an unjust system speak out from the confines of hospital walls, long after they've been abandoned and forgotten, in a powerful series of works by artist Monica Lundy.

Made between 1860 and 1865 and presented as a gift to then-Secretary of the Interior Orville Hickman Browning, the wearing blanket is part of the collection at the SAR Indian Arts Research Center.

Brad Wilson's animal portraits express the individual character and beauty of nonhuman species, and place the viewer in direct a direct confrontation.

Michael Darmody's Night Visions Series explores the dark side of the energy industry through a pretense of display advertising.

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An exemplary selection of figurative works are featured in Nüart Gallery's annual invitational, representing the best in figurative painting from around the world.

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The portraits by artist Robin Jones bring a sense of reverence to the worlds of nature and people, which is conveyed in the youthful spirit of her human subjects.

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Debra Baxter brings the Victorian tradition of mourning jewelry into a contemporary idiom, using sculpture to give form to individual and collective grief.

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Natalie Featherston's artwork looks exactly like what it is: a child’s drawing of dinosaurs at a tea party, a one-panel pop art comic of a distraught woman, a nest of turquoise-blue robins’ eggs. They’re two-dimensional paintings, with nothing to touch but the surface of the canvas. Featherston is a trompe l’oeil painter, which is French for “to deceive the eye.” 

Artists Reg Loving and Aaron Karp's longtime association is highlighted in a two-person exhibit that honors their friendship.

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Three prominent artists — Judith F. Baca, Mildred Howard, and Jaune Quick-to See-Smith —create evocative works that highlight issues of housing, civil rights, the environment, and immigration policy, and other social and political topics relevant to minority and underrepresented communities and, by extension, to us all.

Fourteen local, national, and international artists and artist collectives are included in an exhibition and series of public programs that counter the narratives of dominant power structures to reclaim stories and memories of place.

Artist and photographer Brandy Trigueros presents a body of work around the complexities and constructs of female identity and motherhood.

Six artist's in the Thoma Foundation Collection use digital technologies to explore concepts of humankind's interactions with the landscape and the possibilities for representations of the natural world.

Ashman leaves leadership post at International Folk Art Market; Comedy group gets new space; and Stage Santa Fe announces new leadership

An exhibition by Harwood Art Center's first artist-in-residence, Martín Wannam, in collaboration with artist Marlene Tafoya, challenges the lingering biases of colonialism.

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Born Henrietta Myers, Surrealist painter Peter Miller returns in spirit to the land she called home. A retrospective exhibition of her work at Peyton Wright Gallery pays homage to a forgotten figure of American Modernism.

Three artists — Nicholas Herrera, Patrick McGrath Muñiz, and Thomas Vigil — explore heritage, contemporary social, religious, and political issues in the exhibit Coraźon y Orgullo.