Cartonería artworks often create the illusion that they're sturdy and possibly heavy, belying the fact that they're constructed solely of paper, glue, and cardboard. The style, which was created in Mexico, is showcased in the La Cartonería Mexicana exhibition at the Museum of International Folk Art. More than 100 pieces are featured, some reaching nearly 6 feet tall. Many of the pieces came from the collection of late Santa Fe art connoisseur Alexander Girard.

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Lita: A Survivor’s Life in Images takes you inside the family photo album of Carl and Lita Blake, who escaped Vienna in 1938 just before the onset of World War II.

Rik Allen's Rockets art at Blue Rain Gallery draws on both his love of science fiction and his growing concern about the environment.

Madrid has a new arts offering: Mad Contemporary Gallery and Art Center, which will hold its grand opening celebration Saturday, Jan. 14.

Jared Weiss' art focuses on figures interacting in ambiguous ways, with the New Mexico desert as a backdrop.

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An exhibition titled Endless Journey at SITE Santa Fe includes 37 of the artist's works produced over 60 years.

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Santa Feans remember Ted Rose as a painter of steam railroads. He was also a master of landscapes and portraits. His watercolors of locomotives graced calendars, posta…

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The famed artist sees his new permanent exhibit in the House of Eternal Return as a chance to continue the storytelling of his Revolt 1680/2180 project. 

Anne Wilkes Tucker trains a lens at trailblazing female photographers. She is coming to Santa Fe near the 50th anniversary of her seminal book on female photographers, The Woman’s Eye. Her lecture, "Not Women Artists, Artists," will be presented at St. Francis Auditorium on Friday, Nov. 4. 

Self-Determined: A Contemporary Survey of Native and Indigenous Artists, a group exhibition featuring 13 artists creating profound work in various media, centers the artist and their practice, the social and political issues important to them, their relationships to community, their mode of expression, and the ways in which they identify.

Artists explore the shadow as an artistic and conceptual element in works that reflect our relationship to land and place in a time of ecological and climate crises.

Two artists combine realist renderings of natural and manmade subjects with degrees of abstraction that range from subtle to bold.

The role of the Black cowboy in the settling and development of the West, and its continuing presence on the West's cultural landscape, is explored in an exhibit of historic photographs and contemporary works of art that expand our perceptions of an American icon.

Sally Delap-John's paintings of Truchas capture the Northern New Mexico mountain village's old-time feel. At once nostalgic and contemporary, her paintings reflect a place where time slows and the majestic Southwestern terrain that frames it.

The artists and activists whose concerted efforts helped bring awareness to atrocities resulting from U.S. policy in Central America are the focus of a seminal exhibition exploring the movement's continuing impact.

The majestic skies and tactile quality of Sean Wimberly's paintings bring the viewer into the moment, dazzled by the bright sun and varied terrain, and ambling along paths that wind through enchanting Southwestern forests.

The minimalist aesthetics of artists Munson Hunt and Kuzana Ogg convey a sense of the artists interest in exploring materiality as well as form.

Two exhibitions at 516 Arts reflect on the realities of life along the U'S. border with Mexico, revealing hard truths while honoring migrants' determination to survive.

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Attendees of the interactive exhibit Frida Kahlo: Life of an Icon will certainly leave feeling they had plenty of face time with the famed artist. Kahlo, of course, is known in part for her self-portraits, but Icon is aimed at presenting her life story, not life’s work.

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The University of New Mexico marks a milestone with its inclusion in the foundational Venice Biennial, the first time the institution was ever invited to participate.

Gain perspectives on the Indigenous pottery of the Southwest with a look at hundreds of examples in the collection of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.

Building from the traditions of Japanese Sumi ink and Kakejiku landscape painting, artist Nishiki Sugawara-Beda creates abstract compositions that explore the landscapes of internal terrain.

Sensual, abstract shapes, muted color tones, and flashes of vibrancy make for bold contrasts in the work of Andrea Pichaida.

Artists respond to the climate crisis in a selection of juried encaustic works in the annual Global Warming is REAL exhibition.

There are a lot of reasons to get out of the house in the coming months. Just look at the season schedules for local art and performance groups.

The summer of 2022 felt the way that summers used to feel: lots of people, art booths, Navajo tacos, and rain. But, in the wake of the pandemic, Santa Fe's art scene never stopped flourishing behind the scenes, and the social and political tones were set.

Michael Furman's fourth solo exhibit at Patina Gallery, featuring his stunning portraits of rare, exceptional, and classic cars, gets an assist from a curated selection of fine automobiles outside the gallery. 

Evelyne Boren, a former stunt double in Hollywood movies, crafts paints vivid and dynamic landscapes and views of the Southwest, Mexico, and Europe.

Jun Kaneko creates monumental sculptures in ceramics, experimenting with signature techniques and glazes for a distinctive style.

Sublimating the experience of being in the environment into abstract compositions that reflect the natural changes to the landscape over time, Johnnie Winona Ross creates abstractions that draw parallels between destructive and creative forces.

The Albuquerque Museum explores the various styles and treatments of the landscapes of New Mexico in a group show of works on paper. 

Vicente Telles brings artists from Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and California together for a neighborly exchange of ideas in a broad-based, five-venue exhibition of BIPOC artists spread over two Northern New Mexico cities.

In distance to venus, New York-based artist Rebecca Ward explores the idea of unobtainable goals of perfection while emphasizing the beauty of form. Taking a personal experience and abstracting it, she creates an ambiguous body of curvilinear shapes that reflect her own experience with pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

Dancer turned photographer Elizabeth Bick draws parallels between dance and performance and the ways we walk, move, and publicly present ourselves.

Artist Camille Hoffman transmutes the over romanticized image of America, as depicted in mass-produced vinyl landscapes, into a reclamation of personal and collective histories that reaches beyond U.S. shores.

Featuring works by Taos Society of Artist founders, including Ernest Blumenschien and William H. Dunton, Owings Gallery's Summer Selections is an array of varied works by artists active in the region throughout the 20th century.

The  tactile, expressionistic paintings of Louisa McElwain capture the essence of the Southwest's dynamic landscapes.

Over the last five years, while caring for family members and yeaching art to children, Castillo created a body of work as an outward expression of New Mexico's past and present socio-economic, cultural, and environmental realities.

Pioneering abstract painter Eugene Newmann's solo exhibition, Abstraction and Figuration, includes works spanning the artist's career.

We take a look at some of the Indian Market-related and inspired events happening in Santa Fe over the 2022 market weekend.

Indian Market

At the galleries

This expanded Exhibitionism listing looks at shows happening around town in conjunction with Indian Market.

Through a combination of art and invention, artist and device-maker Ranran Fan seeks solutions to the challenges she's faced as a woman, a Chinese citizen, a foreigner, and person of color.

Working with wire, wood, and organic and found materials, sculptor Gina Telcocci explores the synthesis of mathematics and the beauty of natural forms.

Artist Diego Medina explores the concept of the Holy Land, drawing parallels between his native New Mexico as one such place and other regions of the world, investing his work with forays into fantasy that view the history of place in new ways.

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Artist Colette Hosmer’s Fish Heads will spend the next 16 months on display on a hill at ART@MRC, the new sculpture park at the Municipal Recreation Sports Complex.