Across the Adulti-Verse

Meow Wolf Adulti-Verse 

Sure, you’ve been to Meow Wolf. But have you been to Meow Wolf after dark? The frenetic pace of the immersive interdimensional space will slow down a bit on May 4, when the day-long crowds of kids and chaperones yield to an evening for adults only.

The event — dubbed the Adulti-Verse — takes place monthly at Meow Wolf, when the doors to the House of Eternal Return open from 6 to 10 p.m. for people to linger amid the spaces at their leisure. During these hours, guests 21 and older can enjoy an adult beverage from Meow Wolf’s bar and cafe as they wander through the more than 70 rooms to explore the interactive experiences. Blacklight walls and ceilings will catch your eye, and every time you open a door — even in a refrigerator — you might be in for a surprise. Be ready to crawl, climb, and lean into appliances that seem like everyday objects, or just walk through slowly and enjoy every odd sight and sound.

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