Roberto Lovato reads from Unforgetting: A Memoir of Family, Migration, Gangs, and Revolution in the Americas. 

Arranged in shadow boxes, Chris Maynard's carefully constructed assemblages of bird feathers highlight the patterns, colors, and natural beauty of species that hold a longtime fascination for him.

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F. Harlan Flint's novel is about three elderly people, two of whom pass away, leaving the author to ruminate about their lives — and deaths.

New and rarely seen works by artist Max Cole show a transition from the artists previous color palette, reflecting the influence of the Southwest region where they were created.

Herman Maril's reductive representations of landscapes, seascapes, and domestic scenes capture the essence of a scene while stripping it of unnecessary clutter. His work was simple and direct, yet full of feeling. 

Make hay while the sun shines in industrious Virgo. Get organized and sketch in plans for the fall, though they will continue to evolve through the season. 

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The nation's grief is woven into Marylin Y. Scott’s traditional Navajo tapestry. 

A longtime painter of flora from around the world, Jane Abrams celebrates the publication of a retrospective book, spanning 40 years in her career, and an exhibition of selected works.

Sandra Cisneros reads from her new novel, Martita, I Remember You

Opera Southwest is giving New Mexicans a chance to see and hear Gioachino Rossini’s early comedy The Silken Ladder (La Scala di Seta) with an open-air staging at the Albuquerque Museum amphitheater.

Vivo presents its ninth collaborative exhibition of art-inspired poetry and poetry-inspired art, pairing its artists with local poets for the creation of new works.

POIGNANCY WITH A PUNCH: The stars loan us extra competence this week but add some broody undertones.

Matthew Gallaway’s novel traces the seemingly unconnected lives of four characters, eventually binding them together through their shared passion for the opera Tristan und Isolde.

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Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Santa Fe's 6th poet laureate, wants you to read his poems whether or not you understand them. 

The subject of a new music-theater piece by composer Marc Neikrug is the devastating impact that early-onset Alzheimer’s disease has on a star classical music vocalist and, by extension, her accompanist-husband.

Labor Day is the industrious Virgo holiday where we celebrate our labors by taking a last delicious break before summer’s end. 

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Prompted in part by the 2018 centennial of the composer’s birth, high-profile performances of MASS started a reappraisal of its merits, a process now accelerating as its 50th anniversary approaches.

Walter Chappell pushed the boundaries of photography by using wavelengths not visible to the human eye. The resulting works, such as the images in his Metaflora series, capture the inner light or auras of natural objects.

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Bring happiness and hope back into the city as a year's worth of doom and gloom goes up in flames at the annual Burning of Zozobra.

Over the course of two years, artist Richard Sober created more than 300 small-scale paintings for his River series. A selection of 85 paintings from the series captures the quietude of the period in which they were made.

Artist Hung Liu's portraits of commoners reflect the times and circumstances of human struggles. Turner Carroll's retrospective exhibition, which opened soon after the artist's recent death, is one of several exhibitions recognizing her contributions as one of the foremost Chinese artists of our time.

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Video Library survived the era of streaming movies while all other video rental shops in town have long since closed. It's still in business today, making it a good contender for the oldest video rental store in the country.