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Luci Tapahonso is the author of six books of poetry and was the inaugural poet laureate of the Navajo Nation. She often uses Navajo language in her poetry, where the space between the words can be just as important as the words themselves. 

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Egyptologist Dora Goldsmith unveils the significance of the sense of smell to ancient Egyptian culture in a series of scent-based workshops designed to bring new life to an antiquated culture.

There is a lot of emotional fuel lying around with the sun, Venus, Mercury — and, this weekend, the moon — in independent Aries.

They not have been the most critically acclaimed films, but our reviewers think they're worth checking out. 

National Book Award winner Arthur Sze spoke to Pasatiempo in advance of a streaming presentation for Collected Works Bookstore.

The Japanese taiko drumming group Kodo performs in a special video made exclusively for the Lensic. See the group performing at venues across Sado Island at the 2020 Earth Celebration.

Adam Swanson, the only four-time winner of the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest, will perform ragtime and early jazz in a virtual concert for Southwes…

Discuss the dream-like qualities of Vita Sackville-West's famous gardens with the Santa Fe Botanical Garden Book Club. 

Scientist, educator, and fiber artist Jane Chavez combines her lifelong love of horse and a passion for early Spanish metal work in elegant horsehair baskets.

Under famed Mexican modernist Rufino Tamayo, Oaxacan-born artist Leovigildo Martinez honed his skill at lithography and went on to become a celebrated artist in his own right. His murals grace the walls of Cafe Pasquals and his paintings are available at Santa Fe landmark's art gallery.

Working under the moniker Dick and Wayne, twin brothers Jesse and Jason Pearson revisit childhood memories, experiences, and adolescent fantasies in a quasi-fictive reimagining of their youth.

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The story of Spanish Colonial art in New Mexico is one of evolving styles influenced by trade along historic routes that made Santa Fe an inland port and New Mexico a hub of artistic creation.

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National Dance Institute provides virtual fare in Vastness, a Socially Distanced Dance Film for a Global Pandemic, which premieres on Wednesday, April 7.

New truth comes to the surface this weekend as Mercury sextiles Pluto, then joins the sun and Venus in direct Aries on Saturday night.

Kat Green uses abstraction to convey a sense of ever-changing nature, in the world and in ourselves, in new work created during the pandemic.

Russian-born modernist Esphyr Slobodkina became a central figure in the development of American modernism. A new exhibition provides a glimpse into the breadth of her artistic explorations, which included a mastery of diverse mediums.

David Yarrow's striking black-and-white photography capture wildlife and iconic imagery of the Wild West in stunning detail and impart an immersive sense of presence.

Australian writer Claire Thomas' Performance is a curious novel about three women watching Happy Days. It begins moments before the lights go down in the theater. Some 228 pages later, members of the audience file out to the parking lot. 

“The scandal that rocked the art world”: An unknown dealer approached the 145-year-old M. Knoedler & Co. with a handful of unknown paintings with a shaky provenance.

Jody Naranjo is a world-famous potter from Santa Clara Pueblo. After more than 40 years in the ceramics world, she's finding new mediums for her designs. 

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Countering Eurocentric depictions of Indigenous peoples with images of beauty, strength, and sensitivity to their contemporaneity as well as their heritage, photographer Cara Romero redefines the Native subject.

A father's grasp on reality gives way to uncertainty and doubt, straining his relationship with his daughter as dementia takes hold of his senses.

Aries energy now courses through each blade of grass. We may feel excited or a nap coming on as Aries energy pulses. Although momentum builds this week, we may not be …

In addition to his major support of opera, chamber music, and theater, the late Edgar Foster Daniels was a collector of historic works of art as well as works by prominent contemporary artists. A selection from his private collection is on view at LewAllen Galleries.

Breath is essential to living, but the exhibit Breath Taking shows that it's also central to the making of art. The show features works on the theme of breathing, or in which breathing played a role in their formation, by 18 contemporary artists.

Centered on a seminal work by French artist Camille Claudel, Renegades continues Turner Carroll Gallery's exhibition series on the role of women in the art historical canon.

The National Theatre's War Horse will be streamed four times daily from Wednesday, March 31, through April 6

Local author Hampton Sides mines history for epic tales of high adventure. He kicks of the month of April with a free talk sponsored by the Rotary Club of Santa Fe.

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The Santa Fe Symphony has announced its spring concert lineup, which includes virtual performances at Meow Wolf and other locations throughout Northern New Mexico.

Notice a rush of energy and awakening after the sleepy, introverted time of Pisces. Venus joins the sun in Aries on Sunday, and our hearts look to the future.

In Stephen King's Later, Jamie is a kid who can see dead people, and his single mom is a literary agent willing to do whatever she has to in order to keep bread on the table.

Using reductive forms, artist Sheila Miles creates a sense of quietude and mystery in her paintings, capturing the essence of rural places through the interplay of color, light, shadow, and form.

The dreamlike figurative paintings of Gregory Ferrand convey a sense of powerful physiological dramas occurring in  small narrative scenes of domesticity, familial life, and everyday human interaction.