From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Sept. 10, 1919: The official program of the Fiesta, off the press today. …

… Gathering Of The Ancient People From 4 World Quarters

3:00 p.m. — Summoning the Clans.

Racing Ceremony by Indians of Kapo. (Santa Clara.)

A dramatization of the Conflict between Summer and Winter

War Dance by Indians of Powhoge. (San Ildefonso.)

8:00 p.m. — Bow and Arrow Dance by Indians of Kapo.

8:30 p.m. — Matachine Drama and Dance by Indians of Kotyete. (Cochiti.)

A Mystery Play based on the Montezuma Legend, teaching the triumph of good over evil.

Sept. 10, 1969: St. Vincent Hospital is planning construction of an all new, modern 350-bed hospital in Santa Fe. Estimates place the cost of the new hospital in the vicinity of $15-million.

Despite announced plans by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to construct a 100-bed hospital in the city, St. Vincent Hospital, which has served the community for more than 100 years, will continue its plans for expansion and modernization.

Sept. 10, 1969: Taos Pueblos’ Blue Lake Cause has once more passed the House of Representatives, moving now into the U.S. Senate where it has met with defeat in the past.

HR 471, sponsored by Rep. James A. Haley, D-Fla., passed the house on a voice vote about 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Sept. 10, 1994: There was nothing overtly hostile or violent about the two young guys who came in from the rain to accept a ride in Jason Stuart’s Ford van.

But there was something creepy about the tall one’s smirk.

… Stuart did not realize there might be danger behind that smirk until the next morning — Tuesday when he saw a newspaper story about two suspects who authorities believe left a trail of corpses and stolen cars between Ohio and Oklahoma.