From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Sept. 8, 1919: WANTED — Rooms for Fiesta Visitors. Report Promptly!

Sept. 8, 1969: Plans for construction of a 100-bed medical hospital in Santa Fe at a cost of approximately $2.5 million were announced today by the Hospital Corporation of America.

Sept. 8, 1994: When he visited his former foster parents in Oklahoma last week, “Eugene” did not seem anxious, “antsy” or disturbed about anything, the couple said.

That is one reason why Vic and Carla Wagner were so shocked when they later learned that Lewis Eugene Gilbert is one of two suspects in a highly publicized journey of killing, kidnapping and robbery.

“I was kind of numb,” said Vic Wagner in a telephone interview Wednesday. “There had been nothing to indicate he had been involved in anything like they were saying. My wife and I are still shocked. We haven’t been able to sleep well since we found out.”