May 22, 1917: Fifty convicts from the state penitentiary, most of them jubilant at the chance at active out-of-doors work and many glad moreover to have a hand in something which they feel will aid the state and nation, are now at work planting beans and corn to help increase New Mexico’s agriculture production.

May 22, 1967: The New Mexico State Highway Department anticipates, in the near future, the beginning of construction projects in the vicinity of Santa Fe.

Needed will be flagman, axman, rodman, chainman, weighman, etc. on a temporary basis for the duration of the project. This may be for only a few weeks or for several months. Compensation will vary from $1.59 to $2.42 per hour depending on qualifications and assignments.

May 22, 1992: The Public Service Company of New Mexico has excavated 36 Indian archaeological sites in the Jemez Mountains to make room for a power line that may never be built.