From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

June 10, 1919: “Hiawatha” To Be Presented By Indian School Students On Wednesday Evening

Orchestra To Play At Performance At Industrial School Which Promises to Be Most Interesting.

June 10, 1969: We think it is high time that the law-enforcement agencies of New Mexico put a stop to Reies Tijerina’s taking the law into his own hands and threatening state and federal officials with “citizen’s arrests.”

Tijerina, head of the Alliance of Free City States (Alianza), yesterday gave Forest Service Special Agent Jim Evans just 24 hours “to get out of the state” or face a “citizen’s arrest.” And he threatened to use armed forces against the government agent if he deemed it necessary.

June 10, 1994: Pojoaque Pueblo Gov. Jacob Viarrial has given up the fast but not the right.

Viarrial, who went 21 days without solid food to protest Gov. Bruce King’s position on Indian gaming, said Thursday he will keep working against King’s re-election.

He said that could include active involvement by the pueblo in the campaign of Republican nominee Gary Johnson, who has said he would sign tribal-state compacts legalizing Indian gaming.