From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

July 13, 1969: The 70 delegates to the state constitutional convention will meet for the first time next week.

But the state officials who set up the pre-convention meeting for Tuesday are being very careful to maintain a hands-off attitude in convention affairs.

Although a formal agenda has been established for the meeting, the delegates will be presented suggestions, rather than any solid recommendations, on how to conduct the constitutional convention.

July 13, 1994: Asking — and even ordering — Santa Fe residents to cut water use sounds like a great idea.

It just might not produce a lot of results.

Not because residents wouldn’t cooperate, but because they’re already among the stingiest water users in the Southwest, according to Santa Fe Metropolitan Water Board director Tony Mayne.

Sangre de Cristo Water Co. officials asked residents last Friday to voluntarily cut water consumption by 15 to 20 percent, Joe Gonzales, the city’s acting public works director, said he plans to tell the City Council at today’s meeting what water conservation measures it could invoke if it so chooses.

Mayne said Santa Fe’s water use averages out to about 75 gallons per day, per person.