From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

July 14, 1919: Santa Fe Should Be On Lookout For New Sanitarium …

Earl Doyle, With Rehabilitation Division Of Vocational Educational Board Revisits This City

July 14, 1969: The Santa Fe Fiesta Council, offended by a banner headline in an Espanola weekly newspaper, and failing to get an explanation from the Espanola mayor, cancelled the Santa Fe Fiesta Council’s participation in the Espanola fiesta parade Sunday.

The offending headline, which appeared in last week’s Rio Grande Sun, read: “Onate Fiesta Si! Zozobra No!”

Joseph E. Valdes, president of the Santa Fe Fiesta Council, said today: “It seems to me and other fiesta council members that the newspaper is implying the Santa Fe Fiesta is ‘no’.”

Valdes said he had tried to get in touch with Espanola Mayor Richard Lucero and Bob Trapp, editor of the Sun, for an explanation. But he said they were unavailable.

July 14, 1994: She heard a noise in her house, so she decided to check out the kitchen. In the pitch black dark, it seemed that the garbage was different. It seemed higher than usual.

A moment later she realized that she was not looking at her trash, but at a man — a naked man in a ski mask — crouching near her stove.

As the intruder stood up and approached her, the 44-year-old woman assumed she was going to be raped, perhaps robbed and maybe even murdered. But she would not be an easy victim. She decided to fight and scream at the top of her lungs.