From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Aug. 15, 1919: To the few remaining faithful boosters who remain in the hall, we resume this installment of our weed publicity campaign, we present our compliments today and will proceed in answer to a number of queries, to detail the most approved methods of removing the weeds.

The first is by pulling them. You merely assume a standing posture, then flex the muscles and unflex them in such a manner as to produce what is known as a stooping posture. You then by clever co-ordination of motor nerves and biceps, lower the hand to the approximate level of the ground, clasp the digits firmly around the base or shank of the weed, and induce an upward movement of some vigor, the weed generally responding to a strong enough pull.

Aug. 15, 1969: A Constitutional Convention proposal which would revamp the state’s judicial system has been endorsed by three leading New Mexico judges.

Endorsements, made before the convention judiciary committee this week, came from Irwin S. Moise, justice of the state Supreme Court, and Court of Appeals Judges Joe W. Wood and LaFel E. Oman.

… Under the proposal, major changes would be made in the method of selecting judges to serve in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and on district courts. The section would create a judicial nominating commission and a district nominating commission.

Aug. 15, 1994: TAOS — It’s been a year since Chris Romero was shot to death.

No one has been charged in connection with his death and family members say they still can’t get answers to questions posed to District Attorney Sammy Pacheco.

Their anger — and that of other families of people who died or were killed in Taos County in recent years — has lead to a mini-revolt against the district attorney’s office that apparently will result in a grand jury investigation into the handling of the investigation into Romero’s death.