Aug. 8, 1919: General Wood Makes Splendid Address on Red Cross Work At Tea At Museum

Aug. 8, 1969: The Santa Fe School District stands to lose the proposed $2 million area vocational technical school and will have to cut about $168,000 from its 1969-70 budget because of almost $10 million in estimated county property tax case which did not materialize, School Supt. Phillip Bebo revealed Thursday night.

Aug. 8, 1994: Ghosts of prehistoric Anasazi Indians, it seems, don’t get mad at illegal pot and artifact hunters.

They get even.

Just as C.B. Cornucopia, the overseer of the desolate Anasazi ruins at Chaco Culture National Historic Park, in the northwest corner of the state.

Cornucopia regularly receives communiques from past visitors who want to undo curses they think they’ve acquired after pocketing what seems to be insignificant artifacts while visiting the park.