From The Santa Fe New Mexican:

May 13, 1922: The resignation of George R. Craig as chairman of the Republican state central committee has finally become effective with the acceptance of the job by O.L. Phillips of Raton, it was announced today and Phillips will take charge at once.

May 13, 1947: To obtain the maximum benefits of the current city planning survey the subject should be made a part of the school curriculum of Santa Fe, Harland Bartholomew, whose firm is in charge of the survey, told a dinner meeting of the Chamber of Commerce last night at La Fonda.

In this way the adult generation of 10 or 20 years hence who will have to carry through the longrange aspects of the plan, will understand its development and importance, said the speaker who is head of Bartholomew & Associates, St. Louis. Another advantage would be that through the children, an interest in the work would be created in the home, he added.

May 13, 1997: Voters will go to the polls today to choose Northern New Mexico’s first member of congress in the post-Bill Richardson era.

Many political observers believe voter turnout will be key to the results.

“The strangest things happen in special elections,” said John Gastil, owner of a Democratic political consulting firm in Albuquerque. “All bets are off. It’s a question of who can get out the vote. If you can get out the vote, you can win.”

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