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My View Kelly Fajardo

CYFD needs an Ombudsman Office

People working within the system told me that communication between families and New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department was challenging.

It’s exciting to read about efforts of the Santa Fe legislative delegation, state and private agencies, and the New Mexico Coalition to End Ho…

My View Stephan Helgesen

What is a good education?

New Mexicans have been wringing their hands for decades over the pathetic performance of our schoolchildren. There is much disagreement as to …

My View Paul Gessing and Len Gilroy

Stars have aligned for needed pension reform

Over the last few weeks leading up to the 2020 legislative session, an all too rare alignment has occurred in New Mexico — the governor, legis…

My View Joseph Jordan-Berenis

Housing vouchers are no magic bullet

At the Interfaith Community Shelter, we have long supported what is known as a “housing first” model (which couples housing with intensive cas…

My View Olivia Padilla-Jackson and David Scrase

Investing for tomorrow, delivering today

As the 2020 New Mexico Legislature convenes, we are pleased to see the agenda full of initiatives that not only deliver new programs to New Me…

My View Paul Lazarus

Over the line in comedy

I recently attended Ron Bloomberg’s lecture on comedy. To a question about Mel Brooks’ Springtime for Hitler (The Producers), Bloomberg respon…

My View Phillip T. Kehoe

Women's 'march' a bit of a letdown

The recent gathering at the Roundhouse was robust, even if it was smaller than in previous years (“Smaller event still boisterous,” Jan. 19). …

My View Norma Chairez and Brenda Gallegos

Make the outdoors more accessible

When Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham made the campaign promise to create a New Mexico Office of Outdoor Recreation, it was received positively by …

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi began impeachment proceedings against President Trump, everyone knew that she was exposing 31 of her most vulnerable members.