The Sunday Santa Fe New Mexican editorial section has to be one of the best local news editorial units in the country.

Just look at a recent Sunday, with David Brooks’ revelation (“How Scandinavia got great,” Commentary, Feb. 23), of Scandinavia’s “secret” of “bildung,” through Randal Pair’s challenge to Steve Pearce’s parroting the lies of the minority-elected, would-be-king, pied piper squatting in the White House (“Only a blue wave will save us from Trump and Co.,” My View, Feb. 23), to Katherine Ortega Courtney and Dominic Cappello’s constructive and pragmatic “Anna” steps to address basic New Mexico community problems (“We can be the nation’s most family-friendly state,” My View, Feb. 23).

If you were too anxious to see your favorite sports team, record the game, and dig Sunday’s editorials out of the trash and “read” them. Discussion of these thought-provoking articles could occupy many pages, but just a few comments.

Bildung is little different than the precepts and education derived from the now existentially challenged Boy Scouts of America program, which, through misguided litigation excess, may soon be driven into history after 110 years.

Rep. Susan Herrera’s very thoughtful defense of her vote for the “red-flag” measures in the recent Legislature (“Why I supported ‘red-flag’ measure,” My View, Feb. 23) should temper the reactionary rhetoric of many sheriffs who dug their heals in opposing that legislation; however, I won’t hold my breath.

Finally, the Terri Rolland and Hayley Hathaway (“Join the Earth Day movement,” My View, Feb. 23) and Frank Morbillo essays (“Stop trading oil (and money) for water,” My View, Feb. 23) concerning New Mexico Legislature failures to address the climate crisis and the insanity of exchanging New Mexico’s limited water for oil are most thought provoking. As Morbillo says, “Water is life and humankind is making a bad bet trading water for oil. You can’t drink money.”

Thank you, New Mexican, and keep up the excellent editorial selections.

Terry R. Gibbs lives in Santa Fe.

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