I am seriously concerned about the ongoing, Trump-inspired, Republican efforts to subvert representative democracy and betray the Constitution.

It is a fascist coup in the making. America’s historically low voter turnout suggests most Americans just won’t care — in which case any hopes for a better and more just America are doomed, and even the civil liberties we now take for granted will be curtailed, often with violence — American state terrorism, to put it bluntly.

Does a fascist coup matter in the face of coming climate catastrophe — in which hundreds of millions of people will become climate refugees or climate victims — in which violence arising from the physical, political and moral stress of climate change will be widespread — in which death by COVID-19 could be more merciful than death resulting from climate catastrophe? (A saying from older times: “Pneumonia is the old man’s friend.”)

Against these disasters, does a fascist coup really matter? I answer, yes. The political climate with which we confront climate catastrophe will affect our ability to live and die with at least some degree of human dignity, integrity and decency. Crisis brings out both the best and the worst in people.

Under the cruel and corrupt fascist regime that Trumpster Republicans are preparing for, the government itself would encourage a climate of corrupt selfishness, cruel exploitation of vulnerable neighbors and violence based on bigoted scapegoating. This is just some of the viciousness that Donald Trump as leader would enjoy, poisoning the entire government, indeed the entire nation.

Much of this poison is already manifest and even now threatens the nation. If I care about human dignity, integrity and decency, I cannot ignore the threat posed by Trump, his so-called Republican Party and their financial backers. Climate catastrophe notwithstanding, they are traitors to the nation that has spawned them.

Hans von Briesen is a concerned citizen who has lived in Santa Fe for 44 years and New Mexico for 48 years. He was born in Los Angeles.

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Mike Johnson

Do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do, at the signpost up ahead, you are about to enter the Twilight Zone.........[lol][lol][lol]


Mr. Van Briesen has hit the nail on the head. If Republicans can't bring themselves to start legislating for the people instead of virtue signaling to the disgraced former president, we will see more and more power grabs and less and less legislation that makes sense for the masses. What we all should be doing is recognizing the leadership and heart of Joe Biden's agenda and start to shed the mean-spirited rhetoric and false narrative of the big lie that continues to groom bad actors and their dark money sponsors. What Trump unleashed continues to cripple us.

MacKenzie Allen

Ms. Koyama: Mr. Van Briesen has it exactly right and I'm afraid your take on the virulence of Donald Trump is naive, at best. You need only look at the cowards and traitors calling themselves Republicans to know how frightened they are, still, of the con man's control over the radical, willfully-ignorant, bigoted mass of Trump's cultists. If you don't believe this country is on the brink of being lost, you're not paying objective attention.

Emily Koyama

Hans, I get that for you, and a few other regular commenters here, Trump lives rent-free in your heads, but he is no longer President. He's not even sending out mean tweets anymore.

The rally he just held in Florida with Bill O'Reilly was poorly attended. His own belief in his political viability is inflated far beyond reality.

Let's move on.

Mike Johnson

[thumbup]Well said Emily, but as we know from the Va. Guv race, the left wing Ds want to run against Trump, not the actual candidate. They are in for a rude awakening at the midterms, Trump will not be on the ballot anywhere, and most voters are smart enough to vote for who actually is.

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