I had a very bad feeling about the outcome of the last presidential election while I was watching the results coming in. I have a similar feeling about the present situation.

I’ve read enough history to recognize many of the signs, and what is occurring in the United States is just like what was happening in Germany and Italy in the 1920s and ’30s. We’re heading down a very dark and dangerous rabbit hole, and Alice would not be happy.

The Republican Party seems to have given up all pretense of a party platform. It is simply the Party of Trump. I have wondered for a few months now what President Donald Trump and his sycophants would do if they started losing in the polls. Well, it’s happening! He and his supporters have given up any pretense of playing fairly, even if they ever intended to, which I doubt.

Trump is encouraging violence and racist attacks all over the country by describing fictitious accounts of liberal and minority-supported riots. He is encouraging the most radical and violent far-right and fascist groups to demonstrate, with violence, everywhere but especially in Democratic-majority locations. Then he and his supporters are following up with fictitious descriptions of how dangerous and ineffective these liberal administrations are.

And he is orchestrating, with full support from Republicans, an all-out attack on the voting rights of everyone, especially minorities. He is actively trying to destroy the voting process in this country. I fear the effect of all this will not only directly disenfranchise a large section of the population but will also frighten many others into not voting. He has threatened to place armed “inspectors” at the voting locations during the election.

It gets worse. He has intimated several times that if he loses the election, he may not accept the results. By then, by using all of the above tactics, he could well have persuaded a large segment of the U.S. population that he is the only viable “savior” of a dysfunctional and dangerous America, and he will subsequently become our president/dictator for life.

With his lifestyle, that may not be very long, but if you could stand to watch his “nomination” speech at the White House, he has set up his succeeding dynasty, his despicable family. I sincerely hope I am wrong and the great American public wakes up in time to prevent this happening, but at the moment, I’m not very hopeful.

Everyone must make every possible attempt to vote in this election. A simple majority will not be enough to win; the insane and outdated Electoral College concept will take care of a small majority. The Democrats must win by an overwhelming and unassailable percentage, or the situation I’ve described above will occur. Even with such a win, the Party of Trump still might try to claim victory.

David King was born in England but has been a U.S. resident since the early 1970s and a U.S. citizen since 1992. He retired from a long and successful career in information technology in 2005 and moved to Santa Fe from Los Angeles.

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Ed Foley

David King.

Thanks for an interesting work of dystopian fiction. I’m sure it received a decent grade in your creative writing class at the community college. I’m also sure the instructor advised you that, in order for this type of writing to work, it has to have some elements of reality, even if exaggerated or distorted.

Perhaps you should polish it up a bit and submit it to the propaganda department of the democrat party (CNN, MSNBC, etc.). They might publish it in leaflet form for distribution at one of their ‘peaceful’ demonstrations.

Good luck with your writing career.

Jim Klukkert

Ed Foley- Once again when you have no factual substance to make a responsive reply appropriate to a reasonable opinion piece, you resorts to the low road of insult, exaggeration and vitriol.

In so doing, you remind us that Trump and Trumpites have for the past four years taken the lead in polluting our public arenas wit such hate filled diatribes. That in turn reminds decent folk to be sure in the coming election, to pile up "overwhelming and unassailable" margins of votes to oust the Right Wing from control of the White House and the US Senate.

Ed Foley

Look up ‘satire’, Jim. Also, look up ‘typographical error’ - there are at least two in your retort.

Jim Klukkert

Ed Foley- I am so not interested in your sorry suggestions, and not at all troubled by my typos. I fail to see your comment as 'satire,' the intent of your comment seems intended to make less of King's essay.

I would so appreciate you expanding on your comment that seemed to disparage Community Colleges. Is this an expression of class or white skin privilege? Do you doubt that community colleges serve many very well? Please, go on....

Ed Foley

All that’s kind of in the definition of ‘satire’, Jim. Seriously, you should look it up. Here, I’ll help: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/satire

Re. ‘community college’, David King works at KSFR, which is at Santa Fe COMMUNITY COLLEGE. You should look that up too, just to verify.

Anita McGinnis


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