Teasing to others that I was born in the Drury Plaza Hotel (once St. Vincent hospital) brings laughter. Raised in a single-parent household with a family of five kids and almost no money, I mostly wore hand-me-down clothes, scrambled for lunch money and wondered if my family would make ends meet. I knew if I was to go to college after graduating from Santa Fe High, I would have to pay my own way. I worked summer jobs, secured student loans and worked the whole time I was in college to pay for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. My parents taught me the ethics of hard work and earning an honest living.

I retired as the court director/clerk of the court for the First Judicial District Court. Other public service included deputy director at the New Mexico Supreme Court, human resources director for the city of Santa Fe, Los Alamos County and the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. I have been on transition teams of two distinguished governors and am vice chair of the board at the State Employees Credit Union. I am past chair of the Labor Management Relations Board for Northern New Mexico College.

I’m running to be your next mayor because I have the successful, proven track record in public service to make a notable difference. I can empathize with families who struggle to live and work in Santa Fe and who wonder where their next meal will come from and whether they will have a roof over their head when the bills come due. I care about education in our schools because I am a product of this city’s public school system.

I envision a Santa Fe where taxpayer money isn’t wasted and we devote it to clean parks for our children, maintained buildings and streets, where all sections of this city are beautiful and worthy. I have and always will value taxpayer money as if it were coming out of my own checking account. I believe in quality control, efficiencies and effectiveness. I will preserve and respect our traditions, culture and will be inclusive of all residents. I will be a mayor who knows how to get things accomplished through well-experienced and valued employees. I didn’t move here from somewhere else and I am not moving anywhere after this. I’ve raised my firefighter son here. I’m from the same place you are.

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Jennifer Alfonso

I’m not for nor against her nor Webber but I have a problem with being fed information without a realistic plan & one sided bashing by the only paper in town. I am NOT a PUPPET to this “newspaper gossip.” I’ve witnessed this paper be completely biased against Webber. This embarrassment of a paper reporting “facts” wrote numerous pieces of Joanne Vigil? Coppler? doing “photo op” deeds when Webber not only did the same like going door to door but even when he was endorsed they wrote… “all he had was ONLY 3 council endorsements.” NO ONE ELSE WAS ENDORSED! They’ve said murdered has doubled yet they don’t say crime did go down and doubled meant from 1 to 2 people… known & not strangers. All this talk is cheap. Every1 criticizing city hall is self-righteous & probably doesn’t have a clue on the due process of any laws it requires for change esp in this ENVIRONMENT. In this day in age where journalism is all about feeling vs fact.

Anyone who’s been in the government these past few years has gone through events that were unprecedented.

1. You have BLM/race wars where multiple sides are fighting

- one side wanted the statue down

-the other side wanted it up

2. You have a white mayor who if uses police force then will be labeled a racist.

3. You have Covid.

- half the people want mask mandates

-the other are anti-vaxers

4. Saving businesses

Does anyone on their high horse know what it requires to receive state funding during riots and a pandemic????

5. This newspaper is biast. Tell me, what HONEST, FACT REPORTING paper would allegedly photoshop the mayor to look old & decrepit & then place his competitor in a staged shoot next to it?

6. Homeless complaints! You CANNOT force someone who’s homeless to go into a shelter. There’s been massive efforts

How many of you lived elsewhere? I’ve lived in Cali & I’ve lived in the hood. Santa Fe’s worst neighborhood is cleaner than 80% of all the places I’ve lived.

Why aren’t any of you asking questions like:

1. How do you feel about the statue being torn down? Bc if she answers any way- one side would be pissed

2. How do u Handle anti-Vaxers

3. What is your specific plan if Covid were to rise again?? Don’t take “answers that satisfy” make her accountable

4. Does anyone even know if she’s telling the truth about her past? It seems like the paper is so far up her A that they’d feed anyone BS.

5. With limited resources, overcrowded prison systems- how would she handle the fact when the state tells officials to keep petty criminals- aka… home robbers, ppl who assault… out of jail for room for heavy criminals..

6. What response would she have if protestors looted and burned down stores esp of long term/Santa Fe born residents?

7. How do you bridge the gap between poor & rich? REALISTICALLY. I have real ideas as I am self made from a 3rd world country,

The reason I even wrote anything is that I see the same trolls comment over and over but I have never seen people write educated, informed solutions or do their due diligence before. If you can’t recognize the kind of situation Webber or any official was thrust into & recognize the great and the not so great, then you are just someone who doesn’t contribute much.

U live in a city that is cleaner than most, safer than most, has tons of parks, riding for bikes, etc. You get double the food in food stamps at the farmers market!!! That’s UNHEARD OF.

Khal Spencer

Having lived in New York, Hawaii, and now here, I'm less impressed by whether a person is "from here" than I am with who they are and what they do while they are here. Ms. Vigil Coppler has pulled herself up by her own bootstraps from rather humble beginnings to be all that she is. She can certainly tout that she understands Santa Fe as a native daughter. That's the good news part of the story. Now, I'd like all the candidates to get down to brass tacks. What will be done to get the P.D. fully staffed, the city services running smoothly, an optimum size municipal work force set up, and oh, heck, yes, those potholes and weeds and the Midtown Campus and.....

Jeff Varela

Call it "housecleaning" or whatever. City Hall needs a reality check and some prudence. Joanne will get it done!

Stefanie Beninato

PS I see the attribution to V-C being part of the judiciary in the summary--not in the longer description. Perhaps the paper made the mistake of conflating being a judge and being an employee of the judicial district.

Stefanie Beninato

I do feel like this election is more divisive and more racially/ethnically charged than others starting with the stereotypes of Jews used by La Union Protectiva down to statements that certain candidates are "good people" because they were born here. (I bet we could look at many politicians who were born here but have been found guilty of embezzlement etc).

My concern with these general statements by the candidates is that they do not give us any clue as to the ideas and programs that a new mayor would put in place except, of course, for the programs that Webber has implemented which are several.

My concern with Vigil-Coppler is her lack of specifics, her exaggeration of her job at First Judicial District--my understanding is that if you are a judge, you are a member of the judiciary--otherwise you are employee of the judicial branch. I am deeply concerned about V-C's references to "culture" as opposed to "cultures" (also used at the forum sponsored by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Yes, she expresses support for diversity but the use of the singular re culture makes me wonder if there are implicit biases that V-C ignores. I would like to know the level of housecleaning either of the candidates opposing Webber will do to clear up the negligence, incompetency, and unethical behavior among certain city staff.

Julie Berman

What Vigil- Coppler states in her MY VIEW is correct as to the positions she held at the AOC and at the District Court.

Maria Bautista

Stephanie, I would love to hear about the negligence, incompetence and unethical behavior by city staff. Open the doors for insight. Who? What? Where? Write it, I will purchase an ad space. You have been at every corner, addresses unethical issues and walked the city. Now with your legal background, tell us!!

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