The Union is an all-volunteer organization comprised of Republicans, Democrats and independents. We pride ourselves on respecting each other, regardless of our differences, and we stay focused on our common purpose: defend and promote our democracy, which we worry is currently at risk by those who want to take away our freedoms and overrule our individual votes.

The Union is a collection of volunteers, like you and me, who want to do something to help defend democracy. The Union exists to answer the question, “What can I do about it?” We partner with organizations that need volunteer help and then make those volunteer opportunities known to volunteers within The Union. Nationally, more than 59,000 have signed on including 346 from New Mexico.

In New Mexico we are looking for people to help. Right now, we are mobilizing people to take part knocking on doors, conducting phone banking, showing up at rallies, writing letters to the editor, to be active on social media and to do whatever it takes to stimulate pro-democracy voters.

Jon Hill lives in Las Cruces, where he is a state leader for The Union.

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