As the CHART project — Culture, History, Art, Reconciliation and Truth — moves forward, we would like to thank the residents of the city and county of Santa Fe for the remarkable and meaningful feedback received so far, especially in response to the first survey (still available until Dec. 31 at as well as through phone, email, meetings and survey postcards.

Contrary to what is too often reported, most of what we have heard is thoughtful, civil, honest and expresses a strong commitment to a process of truth, healing and reconciliation. At this point, survey responses are equivalent to a 300-page book — a wealth of information from the diverse perspectives of residents.

County and city residents care deeply about understanding the complex history of Santa Fe/Oga Po’gay and building community. They are not naive about difficult issues, including those related to monuments and statues, intolerance, racism and the legacy of colonization. Even with these challenges, they continue to express a deep love for family, community, culture and this special place that is Santa Fe. We are inspired by what we are learning.

Valerie Martínez and Jenice Gharib are the co-directors of CHART, the process by which the city of Santa Fe is seeking to reconcile the conflicts of its past.

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