The photographs of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol printed in the Santa Fe New Mexican on Thursday served as the foundation for a lesson on putting words to difficult, emotionally charged current events. Students observed the photos, described one in detail, identified how it made them feel, and explained why. They then asked relevant questions and reflected on their thoughts to conclude. — Corrie Shapiro, teacher

Blaise Miller, 11: I see photos of Trump supporters storming the Capitol and defacing property. I noticed people standing on the Capitol building with flags. I notice bodyguards standing with guns pointed. This makes me feel scared and worried for America, because they are acting kind of like terrorists. How was it allowed to be this violent with very little consequences for the Trump supporters? If it were people of the Black community or the Hispanic community, there would have been so many more deaths, so many more people arrested. I hope that more Trump supporters will be arrested, and that justice will be served on a piping hot platter.

Luna Bassett, 10: I see photos of chaos in Washington, D.C. In one photo, I see a U.S. senator sheltering from the Trump mob. This makes me feel worried and crushed because it is very scary for me. Are more people going to be arrested that were in the Trump mob? We need to work on the U.S Capitol security.

Luca Henry, 11: I see photos of chaos and madness at the U.S. Capitol. In one photo, I see one person taking a selfie and people climbing the wall of the Capitol. I am worried because it might happen here. I wonder why the walls have so many dents so they could climb it? This makes me think we have bad security at the U.S. Capitol.

Boden Scott, 12: I see photos of violence in Washington, D.C. I notice people getting hit by tear gas. This makes me feel bad for all of the workers, knowing that they are in danger. I wonder if the tear gas worked or if they should have tried something else? This makes me think that Trump should have made the [National Guard] come sooner.

Damian Dominguez, 11: I see photos of ruthlessness and destruction. I notice the Trump supporters are on top of the building putting Trump flags up. This makes me feel sad because they are sitting up there, and depressed because it is so disrespectful toward the senators. I hope the mob will get what they deserve, and that we will get more guards at the Capitol.

Ana Pope, 11: I see photos of Trump supporters breaking into the Capitol building and disrupting everyone inside. I can see some of the people trying to protect themselves using furniture and dangerous weapons. This makes me feel alarmed and worried because they are breaking into the building and being violent. I wonder why the authorities were not trying to stop it before someone got hurt? I hope all this violence and chaos will end very soon.

Grace Anderson, 9: I see photos of guns, people climbing the wall of the Capitol and going onto property they were not invited to. I also see senators hiding in the Capitol. I feel sorry for the senators who had to hide — because who wants to hide from people who have rifles? It is like robbers coming into your house! Why did the guards at the gate let it open for the Trump supporters but not for the BLM supporters? What if Trump runs in the next election?

Scarlet Lindeen, 10: I see photos of people climbing the outer walls of the national Capitol. I also see senators ducking down. It looks like the security pushed a piece of furniture on the door and are pointing a gun at the door, so the Trump supporter would not come in. This makes me want to scream my head off because adults are acting like babies — no, that is an insult to babies. I wonder why the guards were so off guard? Why were they not prepared? I hope the Trump people get a feeling of disappointment and never do that again.

Addison Binkley, 11: I see photos of people climbing and people exiting the U.S. Capitol. I see photos of action, of scared people and of violence. This makes me feel crushed and concerned. I’m upset that people acted like this, and scared that this behavior will spread around the country. How did these “terrorists” get into the Capitol? Did the guards let them in? I hope this doesn’t happen again.

The authors are fourth-sixth grade students at the May Center for Learning. Their teacher is Corrie Shapiro.

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