It is with much satisfaction that I thank the city of Santa Fe working class voters for soundly defeating the proposed sugar tax on beverages (“Soda tax fizzles,” May 3). There was always something irreconcilable about even proposing to fund a program based on money raised by an activity one claims to want to stamp out.

Either you end up with a revenue source that isn’t sustainable, or you end up with a program that relies on the continuation of an activity you claim to despise in order to work. Proponents of such a tax adopted an incoherent, self-contradictory and unfair position. Government overreach and arbitrary social engineering was rejected — for now.

Lest you think the scourge of government overreach is done in Santa Fe, one only need listen to the mayor and supporters of this boondoggle after the election. They ask: “What are you going to do to make these Pre-K slots a reality?” Or they ask: “You didn’t like our idea, so what’s your idea?” Both questions presuppose that the voters of Santa Fe are obligated to do anything. We are not.

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