During the televised House Jan. 6 Select Committee hearings in June and July, we learned from former members of the Trump administration, campaign staff and Republican state officials about how former President Donald Trump and allies conspired together to try to overthrow the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election so he could unlawfully remain in power. The conspiracy involved a multifaceted attack. When one tactic faltered, Trump directly or, through or with the aid of his fellow conspirators, turned to another. These tactics included:

The spreading of the “big lie” of a stolen election and of numerous false accounts of massive election fraud, including dumped ballots, suitcases and truck loads of phony ballots and rigged voting machines.

  • The filing of 63 spurious lawsuits based on false claims but no evidence.
  • Pressure on elected officials in states like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona to “come up with votes.”
  • Pressure on state legislative officials to submit false slates of Trump electors to send to Washington.
  • Pressure on the Department of Justice to seize voting machines and declare a finding of fraud in the election.
  • Pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to rig, stop or delay the official certification of the Electoral College votes as required by the Constitution and the Electoral Count Act.
  • Summoning to Washington on Jan. 6 a mob of armed thugs and sending them to the Capitol to use violence to stop, disrupt or delay the certification of the vote.
  • Deliberately failing for 187 minutes to call off the violent siege on the Capitol while calling congressional lawmakers to stop, delay and or vote against the certification without any legal basis whatsoever.

John House is a retired attorney and activist for Indivisible Santa Fe, Fair Districts New Mexico and Declaration for American Democracy.

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