Foundations join together, and New Mexico benefits

The life-changing work that we do through the New Mexico State University Foundation Inc. is only possible with the collective giving from many different types of Aggie supporters. Current students, alumni, friends, corporate partners and foundations — every type of donor makes a unique impact that’s critical to the overall benefit of our students, the NMSU system and even our state and world.

It is our growing number of partnerships with many charitable foundations that ensure NMSU’s impact continues and broadens on the state, national and global levels. During our “Ignite Aggie Discovery!” cash campaign worth $125 million — the largest in NMSU history — we have earned the trust of 170 foundations that have awarded more than $15.5 million to the NMSU Foundation because these organizations believe NMSU is the perfect conduit to advance important missions and solve urgent problems.

Take, for example, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which focuses on helping vulnerable children achieve success by ensuring educational and economic equality. This foundation believes the “Graduation for All” program at NMSU’s Doña Ana Community College is doing exactly that and awarded funding to enhance the integrated services the campus has available for low-income students who also have children under the age of 8.

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