“War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength.”

Democracy: Various forms of anti-democratic regimes, especially plutocracies.

Populism: Deluded rightist anti-populist “deplorables” expecting help from billionaires and snake-oil salesmen.

Pro-life: Bumping off thousands of fellow citizens every year by deliberately denying them health care, knowing it’s a death sentence.

Religious liberty: The freedom to impose one’s religious dogmas on others, including slashing others’ procreative rights.

Imperialism: When other countries do what we do, even if they don’t have some 800 military bases abroad, like we do (Russia has eight or nine).

Department of Defense: A Department of Aggression (note: no country, however aggressive, has a Department of Aggression).

Law-abiding: Breaking hundreds of peace treaties with Native Americans and ceaseless breaking of international laws, including the U.N. Charter. Intervening in the civil wars of Korea and China (including Taiwan). Occupying Cuban territory and imposing an embargo in violation of U.N. Charter (as repeatedly and virtually unanimously declared in the U.N. General Assembly). Intervening worldwide, especially in Latin America and the Middle East in violation of various international treaties. Violating our own Constitution on who has a right to start wars.

First Amendment free speech: using free speech as a pretext for crushing democracy and establishing the rule of money, instead of the rule of the people (Justice John Roberts’ Supreme Court).

Free elections: Preventing millions from voting through voter suppression, nullifying the vote through gerrymandering and the Electoral College, and making money a decisive force.

National emergency (Donald Trump): Quickly getting rid of obstacles to sadistic policies.

Limited (small) government (Republican mantra): Limit the government to helping only the wealthy and the military. To hell with the rest.

Roger Carasso is professor emeritus at California State University, Northridge. He lives in Santa Fe.