Santa Fe, the City Different, has many wonderful resources and opportunities to explore. I had always heard great things about Santa Fe Community College but never had occasion to examine its offerings.

Returning to New Mexico, where I served as film commissioner under Gov. Toney Anya, after nearly 30 years of chairing the Motion Picture Department at the University of Miami, I taught classes at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and the Renesan Institute. I recently received the Santa Fe Community College continuing education catalog. While some writing courses were offered both live and online, no mention was made of screenwriting.

Having helped hundreds of screenwriters, from beginners to professionals, with original screenplays, rewrites and adaptations (from books to screenplays), I was hopeful my experience in teaching online screenwriting could be used in this environment. Of course, all movies start with the written word: the screenplay. No college degrees are required to have a screenplay embraced by the industry. In industry parlance, “It’s all on the page.”

Paul Lazarus, professor emeritus, University of Miami, lives in Santa Fe.

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