Under NMTeach, the state’s previous teacher evaluation system often described as one of the “toughest evaluation systems” in the country, I was rated an “Exemplary” teacher.

Third grade students in my class often made between 11/2 to two years of learning growth in math after a year. I also have a master’s degree in education administration. As a parent of three children, in elementary, middle and high school, I assumed I had all the credentials to support my children during distance learning. I was wrong.

My family checks the boxes for many of the essential items needed to actively participate in a virtual learning environment. Each child has access to a technology device and I have upgraded our internet connection to include two separate modems. My husband and I are both employed, and I am able to work from home. Despite having these basic requirements to connect my children with their teachers and the virtual classes, it is not enough.

Hope Morales is Teach Plus New Mexico executive director.