It really happened to me. This is not fiction. This happened. My wife had just dropped me off to pick up a pizza at Il Vicino on West San Francisco Street when I was (for lack of a better word) accosted by a man who noticing my baseball hat that says “Third Infantry Division Rock of the Marne,” which I proudly wear sometimes.

“Are you a patriot?” He asked. Not quite sure what this was all about, I replied, “Of course I am.” (I am wearing a hat that says I am a veteran.)

“Yeah, well then, we’re gonna get ’em, right?” I answered with a silent stare. Like, “Uh oh.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna get ’em. We got the guns. We’re gonna make sure Trump wins in a LANDSLIDE!”

“Gonna get who?” I thought.

“We got the guns and we got the ammo. We’re in this together, right?” Now if I answered “no,” whatever he thinks is coming was probably going to happen right there on West San Francisco Street. This guy was about 45 and probably outweighed me by 30 pounds. I am almost 75 and walk with a cane. I tried to ignore him. He kept talking to me.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“I live here. I am from Seattle.” (Thinking, “Please go away and leave me alone.”)

“That’s a liberal city.” Again, I ignored him.

“Well, we’re gonna get them liberals. Trump will win in a LANDSLIDE!” Louder. “TRUMP WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE! We got the guns and we got the ammo.” Finally, he was walking away toward downtown. “TRUMP WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE!” His young son, about 2, was on his shoulders.

“Cute kid,” I said, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah. His name is Robert E. Lee. The South’s gonna rise again!”

Finally, he headed up the street and, hopefully, out of my life.

Jeez. All I wanted was a pizza.

Bo Brumble is a native of Seattle who has lived and worked in Santa Fe since 2006. He is a writer, artist and ex-boxer. He was formerly the announcer for the Santa Fe Fuego.

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Gary McGinnis

It's quite probable this obscene moment actually occurred, no doubt. I applaud your political savvy for withstanding such a monster sporting a red hat with his kid named Robert E. Lee perched upon his radical shoulders. No doubt, in all likelihood, the infamous kid also wore the same venomous red hat, and no doubt the child also owns an arsenal of weaponry to be enlisted against the docile, the innocent: the rioters. However, those ‘for the people’ fascist rioters' who stormed against your Seattle businesses, residences and policemen, will remain pure protesters in your mind. If you still resided in Seattle, while the fictional flames engulfed your home, you might consider actual 'resisting'.

Anita McGinnis

What a coincidence! Jusssie Smollett was also going out for a bite. Are you sure it is, as you emphasized, nonfiction? We have something in common Bo, I too am 75 and have been confronted downtown by unhinged radicals, who demanded menacingly to know who I was voting for... That was four years ago, and we can all see (e.g. from the Seattle chop zone), that the pressure has increased. In Santa Fe, conservatives hesitate (out of common sense) to wear any kind of hat that disagrees with the far left agenda. And certainly they don't dare place a bumper sticker that goes against the grain. The edgy atmosphere in town is brought to us thanks to the organized, aggressive "peaceful folk".

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