I suspect if you approach most Santa Fe residents and ask them what their opinion of the city of Santa Fe’s CHART (Culture, History, Art, Reconciliation and Truth) process is, they would have no idea what you are talking about. If they do, there is a pretty good chance they will say something along the lines of, “Isn’t that how they are going to decide what to do with the obelisk?”

After 12 months and more than $250,000, on Aug. 26, CHART leaders released to the public their required report and presented on Aug. 31 a very brief summary of the report to the City Council, I have a few observations.

Many of the 53 recommendations are actually pretty good ideas and goals, but the reality is that many, if not most, of them are already happening in one form or another, and the recommendations are essentially asking the city to do them better, faster and with more resources.

Bob White is retired, has lived and worked in New Mexico for over 45 years, and enjoys studying the history and culture of his adopted home.

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