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Northern New Mexico College coach Ryan Cordova reacts to a foul call in a 2021 game against the University of the Southwest in Española. Cordova was fired Oct. 28.

It’s not exactly groundbreaking news to say firings are a messy business.

Employee angers boss, boss builds a lengthy personnel file and, boom, the proverbial trigger gets pulled. Next thing you know, you’re headed out the door with your coffee mug and ficus plant in a cardboard box, courtesy of HR.

The end of Ryan Cordova’s tenure at Northern New Mexico College was about as messy as it gets. Officially fired on his 48th birthday — tell me that wasn’t personal — he was sent on his way after 12-plus years as the only basketball coach the school has ever known. He even double-dipped as the athletic director, media relations guy, marketing man and equipment manager. Hell, he even drove the team bus.

Will Webber is the sports editor for The New Mexican. Contact him at wwebber@sfnewmexican.com.

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