Era ya el tiempo cerca de Halloween y Canutito estaba sentão en la cocina working allá en la mesa. He was making himself una máscara mientras que Grama Cuca washed the dishes y Grampo Caralampio leía en periódico. As he colored his mask, Canutito turned to grampo and he asked him: “Grampo, me puede contar una scary story? That will put me más en el mood para prepararme for Halloween.

Grampo Caralampio put down the newspaper and he looked a dónde estaba Canutito. “Would you like to hear un cuento horroroso? Or posiblemente you might want to hear me tell you algo about las brujas of this area o una historia de Mano Juan Dingas?”

“I don’t want to hear stories of witches de aquí or of… I don’t know who Mano Juan Dingas is, grampo.”

Mi mamá used to call the devil ‘Mano Juan Dingas’ so that he wouldn’t know que estaba hablando de él,” grampo replied.

“I think que maybe las historias de Man Juan Dingas are too scary,” Canutito said. “Can you think of una historia que es scary pero no muy scary? Maybe it could be una historia that is funny pero scary at the same time.”

“Well, I was thinking of algo interestante,” Grampo Caralampio said. “It is the story de un muchito. Su grampo told the little boy to walk to the store a comprar huevos para almorzar porque he was hungry. Le dio cinco pesos. The boy put the five dollars into his pocket and he went off walking pa’la tienda to buy some eggs para su grampo for breakfast.”

“So far no hace sound muy scary, grampo,” Canutito interrupted him.

Es porque I haven’t gotten there todavía, m’hijo,” grampo replied. Then he continued: “De todas maneras, el muchito was walking to the store pa’ comprar huevos porque su grampo tenía hambre. Suddenly he saw que había pasão un accidente. Era un terrible accident. Un hombre had gotten run over por un carro.”

“OK, grampo,” Canutito interrupted him otra vez. “Ahora sí, your story is starting to hacerse poco más scary when somebody gets atrompião by a car.”

“It’ll get mucho más scary, m’hijo,” grampo replied. “Mientras que el muchito was watching el accidente, he saw que the man that was run over, estaba todo broken up en muchos pedazos. He could see sus manos lying over in a ditch, sus piernas scattered across the highway, su cabeza up en un árbol y su torso saltó pa’l gravel.”

“That sounds pretty awful, grampo,” Canutito said to him. I don’t think que I would like to see someone’s hands en la acequia, his legs en el camino, his head up in a tree and his barriga spread out en la arena.”

“It was muy terrible, m’hijo,” grampo said. “In any case, después de le muchito had reported dónde estaban todas las body parts, su grampo, who still hungry, le preguntó, ‘y m’hijo, ¿y qué pasó con los huevos?’ ”

“I didn’t see para dónde saltaron, grampo,” the little boy said. “I just didn’t see where they fell.”

The old man looked at the boy un poco strangely. El muchito thought que su grampo was still talking de las body parts y no de los huevos que he was supposed to buy for him para el almuerzo.”

“Oh, I get it!” Canutito shrieked. “Es una historia that is un poco scary, grampo.”

Canutito continuó coloreando pero estaba smiling at los huevos perdidos de la scary story.

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Melvin Meeks

¡ Vivan Canutito y Grampo !

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