Commentary Daniel Yergin and Peter Tirschwell

Supply chain crunch isn't going anywhere

Recently, President Joe Biden assumed the unofficial title of supply chain manager in chief. He proposed a “90-day sprint” to try to untangle the gigantic snags in glo…

The child tax credit underwent a major overhaul this year, increasing in size (to as much as $3,600 per child, depending on age), the number of families eligible (now …

The serious effects and ongoing threats from climate change are all too real, and they are becoming increasingly apparent right here in New Mexico.

Un día Grampo Caralampio, Grama Cuca and Canutito had gone pa’ Canjilón a visitar con el Tío Ovaido y la Tía Nicomedes. La tía had been ill for a long time de manera q…

I recently tried remembering the city land-use directors I’ve known. I lost count after a dozen and surely missed a few. The one who stands out for me, and perhaps mos…

A new campaign is a community-led effort to educate the public and engage historically disenfranchised New Mexicans in taking part in the public hearings hosted by the newly formed Citizens Redistricting Committee.

When Gabe Hernandez of Santa Fe opened The New Mexican one Thursday morning and saw Boo (now named Bella), he screamed with excitement to his wife, Sylvia, “Get me the…

Commentary Mark Allison and Jesse Deubel

Conservation investments will help economy and environment

With an influx in federal stimulus dollars and a state budget surplus predicted for the upcoming legislature, our leaders have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to put conservation dollars to work in impactful ways.

Celebrate fall's arrival with this hearty, simple chicken stew recipe.

It has been a ruinous year for the legacy of Marcus Whitman, a white Protestant missionary tomahawked to death by Cayuse warriors near present-day Walla Walla, Wash.

The Santa Fe Community Foundation, working with several partners from around the Santa Fe area, wants to provide “Opportunity Youth” with internships that allow them to develop their unique skills and interests and and don't just assign them rote tasks.

Thirty-six hours before my flight to Virginia to visit family, a friend texted to say she had tested positive for the coronavirus. We’d just had dinner together, indoo…

Thirty-some years ago, I decided to get a general contractors license. I needed a quiet place to study. My home had a couple of noisy preschoolers demanding attention.

I used to work with a newspaper columnist whose capacity to enrage his audience was exceeded only by his ability to keep them reading to the very last word.

Rhyzik, a 2-year-old shepherd mix adopted from Española Humane, survived something that is usually fatal: distemper. Even if a dog survives the disease, it often suffe…

Look down and listen for a noise under your shrubs. Look closely and you may see a spotted towhee. 

Commentary John M. Barry

So how does the pandemic end?

In the near future, likely before Christmas, 90 percent or more of the U.S. population will have considerable — but not perfect — immunity to the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

Whole Hearted Parenting

A time for resilience

As we continue to grapple with the changes, challenges, mutations and morphing of the coronavirus pandemic, we are experiencing an unparalleled call for greater resilience.

Living with Children

Fixing our parent-view

Most of the problems today’s parents are experiencing in the course of raising children are due to a faulty “parent-view.”

Losing an animal is one of the most heartbreaking challenges we face as pet guardians. But when you’re ready to welcome home a new pet, “remember that they have their …

Ignited Minds' mission is to help New Mexico middle and high school students to advance their academic achievement and self-esteem through school success.

Era una lazy Sunday morning y Grampo Caralampio estaba sitting around en su favorite rocking chair meciéndose back on forth. Estaba comiendo un parquetito de dulces M&…

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My View Miranda Viscoli and Harry Eberts

Gun violence is a public health crisis

Gun violence in New Mexico is an urgent public health crisis that cries out for a comprehensive public health strategy. It fills our hospital …

My View Benedicte Valentiner

Colin Powell: Remembering a statesman

Our nation just lost a statesman with the death of Colin Powell, the much-admired general and former secretary of state. He was a frequent, fr…