My new heroine, Marie Yovanovitch, continues to speak truth to power (“Despite turbulence, we will persist,” Commentary, Feb. 9). She continues to renew hope for “we the people.” In her words, “We will endure, we will persist, and we will prevail.” However, this will only happen when good and descent people work daily to ensure the survival of our democracy. Thank you for reprinting her Washington Post op-ed. May God help us all, We the People.

Evangeline M. Pacheco

past board member

Santa Fe Council of International Relations

Santa Fe

Manage the party

The party that “managed” the Iowa caucus fiasco believes that it can “manage” health care for all Americans with its universal, government health care. Good luck with that!

Jeffrey Krenzel

Santa Fe

Too many unwanted

The overpopulation of cats and dogs in New Mexico is a problem created and perpetuated by humans, not pet food companies, so the way to permanently fix this issue is by addressing its source — namely, irresponsible pet owners, operators of kitten and puppy mills, and breeders.

The remedy is threefold. Fine any irresponsible owner of an unsterilized cat or dog $250 per unsterilized pet. Get serious about investigating kitten and puppy mills — fine the operators $100 per animal and shut them down. Require that any pets awaiting adoption from a breeder be sterilized (paid for by the breeder) before being released to its new owner. Otherwise, thousands of innocent cats and dogs will continue to be killed year after year and nothing will really change.

Shirley Cruse

Santa Fe

Wake up, people

The proposed Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation violates citizens’ constitutional rights without due process (“Committee OKs ‘red-flag’ legislation,” Feb. 12). People, wake up! Why are you ceding your rights to an autocratic government? Next, the government will take your cellular telephone, block your social media accounts and terminate your internet access because you allegedly posted “threatening material” online. If the government compromises your Second Amendment rights, next it will be after your First Amendment rights. Act before it’s too late — contact your state representatives and tell them to vote against this egregious legislation.

Michael Roybal

Las Cruces

Great place to be

There is an immoral, amoral man in the White House, but there are some really good people here in Santa Fe. After shopping at Trader Joe’s, apparently I didn’t zip my purse up all the way after putting my wallet back inside, and it fell out. When I went to reach for it later, I found it was missing.

To my amazement and incredible relief, some wonderful person had seen it lying in the Trader Joe’s parking lot and took it back inside. Later that evening, one of the most wonderful staff reached into the safe and returned it to me. To the person who turned in my wallet, I can’t thank you enough.

As well, we must heal the divisiveness and hate that the immoral, amoral man in the White House has created. Vote, vote, vote.

Barbara Gayl

Santa Fe

Gun grab

Journalist and cultural critic H.L. Mencken said, “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.” And so it is with our Legislature and Senate Bill 5, The Extreme Risk Protection Order Act.

SB 5 is a Michael Bloomberg-sponsored incremental measure to eventually take guns away from citizens. It does not guarantee the accused an opportunity for representation. There need only be an accusation. How can a judge lawfully confiscate a firearm from a person who has constitutional protections under the Second and Fifth Amendments?

The World Health Organization report in 2016 shows no connection between gun ownership and suicide. The United States has 13.7 suicides per 100,000 people and Japan has 23.1 per 100,000. Gun ownership in the U.S. is 88.8 per 100 people and in Japan, 0.6 per 100. Poisoning and suffocation are the two leading methods of suicide.

Tom Wright

Santa Fe

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arthur lynn

Has taken over your life..Seek help !

arthur lynn

Barbara Gayl...What in the world does you losing your wallet at Trader Joe's have to do with President Trump...You're hatred and pettiness

Philip Taccetta

Jeffrey Krenzel - my understanding is that a substantial amount of the problem in Iowa was caused by the phone number being compromised and the line flooded with calls.

Your worried about the management of universal health care? It’s already being done. It’s called Medicare. It’s the most cost effective management of health care in our Nation. Much better than any insurance company. It will be much better for all citizens to be covered like the rest of the industrialized nations in the world. Will taxes go up? Of course. But probably less than one’s insurance premiums.

When cancer, heart disease etc. are caught early the huge amount of money to treat advanced diseases simply because people couldn’t see a doctor or get expensive tests will be caught earlier with less expensive treatments and better outcomes further bringing down costs.

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