Thirteen months of work by city contractor Artful Life on the Culture, History, Art, Truth and Reconciliation process is to culminate Wednesday in a report to the City Council. Surveys, park gatherings, “monumental dreams” concepts, blog posts, “art activations,” interviews and talks have occurred, and brought controversies, too. There have been “1372 Unique Participants,” the CHART website touts.

A Community Solutions Table reviewed the record toward creating a final report and recommendations. A city official says the solutions table comprises nine people who participated along the way. They signed an agreement pledging to meet over two days in July, a total of four hours, and not to divulge any information on participants or deliberations until after the report becomes public; their names and meetings have been secret. Missing is a real search for truth in CHART. No investigation of recent events — who, what and why concerning the removal of a statue and the ultimate destruction of the 155-year-old Soldiers’ Monument central to the Plaza — was called for. Without truth can there be reconciliation?

Berl Brechner

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