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Khal Spencer

If some t-shirt huckster wants to paint a Charlie Chaplin mustache on the Governor, my solution is to not buy it. Seems there is a lot of people trying to clutch pearls over this stupidity. Oh, and the Left was quite good at comparing people like George Bush to Hitler, so this letter fusillade seems to be a case of the pots calling the kettles black.


Let's leave Godwin's law to the Internet.

If there is someone to blame for the Governor's alleged overuse of executive emergency authority, its the toothless legislature that once passed a bill that left out legislative re-affirmation after a certain period of emergency power, which is law found in many other states both red and blue. So if someone wants to paint mustaches, it should be on our legislators. After all, it was the Reichstag that ceded power to Hitler.

But really. Lujan-Grisham's assertion of emergency power was not exactly equivalent to the 1933 Enabling Act. Are there secret concentration camps for people who didn't wear their masks? I missed it.

But if someone wants to make a stupid t-shirt, its their First Amendment right to do so and the newspaper's right to cover it. And its my right to not buy it. Get over it.

Khal Spencer

"...there are a lot of people..."


Jim Klukkert

Khal- It is true that in 1934, a majority of the elected members of the Reichstag voted to grant Hitler extraordinary emergency powers that were not restrained by parliamentary consent nor even the German Constitution. Hitler did gain these powers by “sweet-talking” as arthur lynn writes, as well as intimidation. Hitler’s thugs were ruthless in their self-celebrated street fighting violence, and their uniformed torchlight parades, mimicked in Charlottesville not so long ago, were quite threatening.

It is also true that some of my colleagues on the Left have too easily trotted out accusations of “Na*i!” at opponents who are obviously not even close to Hitler.

What I cannot get over is the studied historical ignorance of Alt-Right Trump fans like arthur lynn.

Mr. lynn does not seem to fathom that:

1. Hi*ler was a violent demagogue from Day One.

2. Fascism does not requite anti-Semitism, though it certainly does benefit from the fear and hatred of “the Other.” When hatred of “the Jew,” so often wrongly employed throughout history, is not convenient, Mexican immigrants, Caravans from Central America, BLACK Lives Matter [my emphasis] or the mythical ANTIFA will do. In Dear Leader Trump’s case, all four were employed as hated bogey folks.

3. The Big Lie was and still is today a critical ingredient in seizing power. Perhaps best described by Reichsleiter Joesph Goebbels’ criticism of Churchill and the English leadership, “one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

I am not calling Trump out as Hitler. The Donald is just not that smart. Ultimately, of course, neither were the Na*is. However, both have had extraordinary good luck at critical junctions.

The parallels between Germany of today and recent events in this country are troubling.

I do fear that the studied and willful historical amnesia of folks like arthur lynn, allows the power hungry Alt-Right too much room for maneuver and machinations.

And that, Khal, I cannot get over.

Jim Klukkert

"Fascism does not require anti-Semitism."

Groan right back at cha!

arthur lynn

Jim Very true, but It's certainly coming on strong with Biden's people.

arthur lynn

"The parallels between Germany of yesterday and recent events in this country are troubling.''..Yes very troubling, That is why so many Intelligent citizens fear Biden and company!..I also find your term Mythical Antifa amusing, please explain who these violent destructive rioters were.

Jim Klukkert

arthur lynn- your ludicrous claims do not merit a reply.

I shall reply at length regarding the small number [<400] of typically poorly organized anarchists, largely located in Portland, who foolishly react to the provocations of the Proud Boys and other neo-facists, when you can present a credible defense of your fantasies regarding "Biden and company."

Although in my previous post, I did acknowledge that you had written "sweet-talking" in referring to Hitler's tactics of persuasion, I should have also noted that you conveniently forget the torch light parades of the Na*i's.

You and your sort disgust me arthur lynn. That you have the unmitigated gall to compare liberal Democrats to Na*is, and in the same breath accuse liberal Democrats of Anti-Semitism tells me you have no understanding of European history nor of the oppression the Jewish community has suffered. My gawd man, have you no shame?

I take comfort in knowing you are but a minor character, right down to the all lower case punctuation error in your online ID.

Now go away, and pick on something your own size. like a pebble, perhaps?

Khal Spencer

I think Orwell made the point more generally that totalitarian states justify their power grab by creating fictitious enemies. For H*tler, it was the Jews and those who "stabbed Germany in the back". For Ingsoc in Oceania, it was Emmanuel Goldstein. For Trump, it was illegals and probably you and me. Heck, for some on the Left, its me!

As Santayana said.....

arthur lynn

Georgia Jones-Davis Wake up and smell the coffee...The Democrats are precisely following The German playbook. Trump supported the Jewish people more than any other president, while many Democrat leaders are outright anti-Semites. The present day Democrats are about Book Burning and fostering hate between ethnic groups. And of course just like Hitler they want to disarm us all.

rodney carswell

and you Mr. Lynn, are doing an clumsy job of psychological projection or gaslighting--accusing your opponents of the transgressions that your crew is in fact guilty of; calling up, down & day, night (but, very Trumpy of you--so, you can be proud of that). Your bizarro world is completely congruent with the twisted "reasoning" of authoritarian fascism.

arthur lynn

Yes Rodney, Just keep up the 'Big Lie', The democrats are experts at it.

Richard Reinders

Georgia my parents were in Europe during the war as well and your comment is out of line, I dislike Trump but not to the point of calling him Hitler.

David Ford

If it walks like a fascist, talks like a fascist then chances are he is a fascist....

Time to bone up on your history....

arthur lynn

Mr Ford Hitler did not gain power by walking or talking like a fascist. He sweet-talked everyone with lies, just like Uncle Joe who by the way was and is a Racist.

David Ford

Please spare us your GQP attempts, ala Fox & OAN, to rewrite history devoid of any facts.

Trump’s documented lies totaled 30,573 over 4 years...


a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, and forcible suppression of the opposition.

This definition has your dear orange leader's name written all over it.

Even your "opinion" hero Tucker Carlson has admitted that there may very well be a fascist elected president within the next 25 years. He will not be a Democrat....

Khal Spencer

Seriously? You need to go read a history of the Weimar Republic. Ever hear of the Brownshirts and how they rampaged through the streets of Germany during the waning days of the Weimar Republic? Ever hear of the burning of the Reichstag or the Beer Hall Putsch? There was a lot of blood and steel mixed in with that sweet-talking.

rodney carswell

and, if memory serves, you (RR) were a regular defender of/apologist for Trump, here in the comments section, throughout his term in office (most of that time, you also claimed to be a "Democrat", lending your defense some sort of counterintuitive "credibility"). If the SFNM publicly archived all reader comments, we could see that record here.

rodney carswell

I should have added a "congratulations" on changing your mind...well done.

Stefanie Beninato


arthur lynn

David Ford...It's ironic that your definition of Fascism is precisely what Biden and company are doing right now !!

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