President Donald Trump plans to request a 20 percent rise in nuclear spending, which will ensure an increase in the production of nuclear war material worldwide, thus inciting a new arms race and increased nuclear pollution (“Trump to request 20% rise in nuclear spending,” Jan. 31). At the same time, he is cutting food stamps for millions of people and threatening to cut Social Security and Medicare, programs he calls entitlement, but which actually have been paid for by the taxes of working people (“President opens door to entitlement program cuts,” Jan. 23).

The president has relaxed rules on water pollution, allowing raw sewage to be pumped into waterways. He has relaxed rules on the use of land mines that already injure people long after wars have ended. He has signed the death warrant for millions of birds no longer protected at various sites.

Now, under his administration, the U.S. Department of Labor warns financial advisers they could violate the law if they engage in socially responsible investing. If convicted, penalties could result in fines and the revocation of professional licenses. Who is this man? What world does he live in?

Nancy King

Santa Fe

Choice is power

Please do not vote if your only information comes from social media. Vote for and support open primaries in your state. From now through the elections, stop saying “Donald Trump.” We should be saying “the current Republican administration.” If the Republican administration runs the current president, who has been impeached, and has daily tried to separate our country as opposed to uniting it, what does that say for the Republican Party and its future goals? Vote for a non-Republican candidate in 2020. Let the Republicans know that this current administration and its policies are not acceptable.

Your choice of candidate in 2020 should be strong on the environment, education, health care and reversing most of the current administration’s policies.

Tom Miller


Santa Fe

No longer equal

I am an immigrant. I emigrated to the United States from England in 1976. In 1992, I became a U.S. citizen. I had been drawn to the USA by the promises of equal opportunity, freedom for all and a golden future. But what happened?

The exciting, democratic country which had so attracted me in the 1970s seems to have moved almost irreversibly in the wrong direction along many dangerous paths. The opportunities are no longer equal, if they ever were, and many politicians seem to be determined to become the “party of no” in addition to supporting “endless war” funded by the poor and the middle class.

It seems to me that our government has completely ignored the wonderful U.S. Constitution and has become subservient to the military-industrial complex rather than serving the American people. The people must act before it’s too late. Please vote, but don’t reelect Trump!

David King

Santa Fe

Open your eyes

Humanity has a virulent oil monkey on its back. The resulting cataclysmic disaster is undeniable climate change inexorably leading to certain extinction of species. Massive fires, floods, ice melting and other world weather phenomena are just the beginning.

By eliminating petroleum addiction, we could drastically diminish our involvement in the Middle East religious quagmire. Petroleum corporate subsidies and pollution could be minimized. Trillions of U.S. imperial military dollars could be redirected from wasteful wars to needed social programs. Replacing poisonous energy sources with cheaper, clean renewable wind and solar energy would help our dying planet plus provide valuable jobs. Immoral profits drive this holocaust. Solutions require individual choices, such as driving electric/hybrid cars and installing solar panels. Electric storage must be further developed. Climate change-denying, bribed legislators need to be defeated this November. How long are we prepared to ignore this obvious peril to our future?

Gary Reynolds

Santa Fe

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Barbara Harrelson

Nancy King, your acute observations and elegant use of language always bring a much needed sense of proportion to the conversations about our world. I look forward to hearing from you always.

Richard Reinders

I would just once like to hear from the Democrat Kool -aide drinking crowd, how Trump has hurt the economy, the employed, better trade deals, the people of color. So far other then Trump's narcissistic personality all I see is a President working for the people and cleaning up Washington. We have forgot that Congress was to represent us the constituent and not put themselves in the pocket of lobbyist to get wealthy. So please talk about these areas and about us prospering as a country under this President.

Paul Groh

Oh, you mean like increase corporate profits and hefty buybacks from the tax cut for the 1% that did little or nothing for middle and working class Americans? Or the wage increases, primarily because blue states increased the minimum wage? Or the weakness in manufacturing of industrial plants in our heartland? Or the fact that overall business investment is down? Or the out-of-control national debt?. STOP LISTENING TO TRUMP AND PAYNATTENTION!

Charles Andreoli

It appears that you are one of the koolaid drinkers that that Richard is talking about. Not an original thought of your own just parroting the party line.

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