I have questions. We are in a time of drastic changes in so many aspects of our country, but nothing is more important than the idea of whether individual rights are more important than the rights of the whole. And who decides whose rights are the most important? Are my rights more important than my neighbor’s? Are my needs more important than the needs of the community? Do my religious beliefs supersede the beliefs or needs of others?

As a Christian, I believe that the rights of others are as important, if not more than my own. And that I am not the judge of my neighbor; I am the helper of my neighbor. Why are we now looking to be judge and jury of a woman who takes the personal responsibility to end a pregnancy? Do I have that right? Where are we going from here when vigilante justice is considered Christian?

Janet Repa

Santa Fe

No public-lands grazing

The New Mexican has published many informative articles over the years on climate change: the demise of wild species, their habitats, increasing droughts, more severe fires and water shortages. Thanks to brave organizations, like the Center for Biological Diversity, the American Wild Horse Campaign, Western Watersheds Project and others, the evidence is clear: Public-lands grazing is responsible for the destruction of public lands and species, exacerbating climate change.

Unless we stop grazing on state/federal lands, the result is: domestic feed lots instead of nature. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, most endangered species live around riparian areas, so it is critical to protect such lands immediately. Federal and state agencies have appeased the public lands grazing industry for far too long. It is not enough to “restrict livestock” in the West. Ranchers should use their private lands to graze. Public-lands grazing must end ASAP to save nature and wildlife. Time is short.

Rosemary Lowe

Santa Fe

Enough is enough

Our hospitals and ICUs are filling up with unvaccinated patients, leaving those of us who had the foresight to get the vaccine at risk of not being able to get treatment for health issues unrelated to COVID-19. It’s time for people who made the questionable choice not to get vaccinated to face the consequences of that decision. They should go to the back of the line when it comes to taking up an ICU bed that a more prudent person may need. Perhaps this might convince more people to make a better choice.

Larry Crosby

Santa Fe

A too-broad rule

Regarding the article (“Trump water rule thrown out,” Sept. 1) on the court striking down the “waters of the United States rule” or the “navigable waters rule” adopted by the Trump administration to define areas subject to regulation under the Clean Water Act. In the first few paragraphs, it contained these two statements: “A federal judge has struck down a Trump-era rule that removed federal protections from nearly all of New Mexico’s waters” and, “Known as the navigable waters rule, it only protected waterways that flow year-round or seasonally and connect to another body of water.” If the rule “protected waterways that flow year-round or seasonally,” how in the world can striking it down remove “protection from nearly all New Mexico’s waters”? To make the rule broader than the one struck down is to subject vast areas of dry land to regulation, resulting in harassment to family farmers, family vacation properties and others. The broader rule is not about waters, it is about control. And it is wrong.

Sam Haas

Santa Fe

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Thomas Franks

“As soon as religion tries to impose its opinion on our laws that religion becomes illegitimate and criminal “. What about t the many religious leaders and people who fought for peace and justice in society and tried to get those views enshrined in law I guess THE REVEREND Martin Luther King, THE REVEREND William Slone Coffin, THE REVEREND Daniel Berrigan, Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker,etc were all illegitimate criminals!! After all, they fit Ms Rowe’s description since they endeavored to make views of social justice rooted in their religious traditions into law.

Emily Koyama

And clearly the fact that 90% of laws in 90% of civilized countries are 90% based on the ten commandments, should be dismissed as well....

Charlotte Rowe

Janet, you are absolutely correct. The right to practice one's religion does not include the right to impose it on others. Our country and constitutional rights were established explicitly to the exclusion of religious influence (and likewise the government cannot prohibit from your own religious practice). As soon as religion tries to impose its opinion on our laws, that religion becomes illegitimate and criminal. As soon as the government forbids someone from being Ba'hai, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jewish,Wiccan, Druid, Sikh or none of the above, it becomes tyrannical.

Khal Spencer

If the streambed is bone dry most of the year, it should not be covered.

Richard Reinders

Rosemary Lowe watch (Kiss the Earth) on Netflix , cattle are important to biodiversity and creating an environment that mitigates carbon, they replace what the Buffalo once did.

Charlotte Rowe

LOL Richard you have just proven that you are not a biologist, climate scientist, historian or in any other way a scholar.

Richard Reinders

Go away

rodney carswell

Richard, at your suggestion I watched "Kiss the Ground" on Netflix. Thanks for the suggestion as it was a very informative and indeed hopeful program about the potential in "regenerative agriculture" for leading humanity to a more carbon neutral future. Based on the part of the program that is devoted to the role livestock can play in a revised, more wholistic, agricultural practice, I don't think Ms. Lowe's comment is off base, as her objection is to grazing on public lands. The examples profiled in the documentary, involved owner/farmers/ranchers who, through conscious stewardship, carefully planned how to rotate crops and animals to both feed the livestock and nurture the biohealth of the soil. I am assuming that this stewardship with planning and rotation does not exist with cattle grazed on public land; but I am not in that business, so I could be mistaken... Anyway, great documentary that I would have missed if you had not suggested it. Hopefully the agricultural-industrial-complex can be won over in time.

Richard Reinders

I practice no till farming at my farm and bring in neighbors cows from Nov. thru Jan. The cows eat the remaining dormant grass but not the root and leave organic fertilizer in its place. Public land could be the same with better management from BLM. Alberta , Canada tar sands area for oil production uses Buffalo to do reclamation, they say they recover the environment quicker then any other standard method. https://mining.ca/mining-stories/syncrudes-bison-herd-thriving-on-reclaimed-oil-sands-land/

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